Even more minimalist - veryoldbear
A bit of lateral thinking:

You can get quad bikes that are street legal (under the quadricycle rules I assume)

How about something like a small Westfield with a little diesel (Lombardini). How light could it be made ? Could it be light enough to be a quadricycle ? The mpg would be amazing ... the performance would probably be rubbish but it would make a fun runabout ...

Please discuss ...
Even more minimalist - veryoldbear
C'mon guys, it would be better than a G-Whizz etc ?
Even more minimalist - b308
Someone did put the Ford 1.8TD engine in one about 10 years ago, in fact I think it was offered by the factory with that engine, it was lively enough, but very unrefined. For driving on a road I can't say I'm that keen on anything like a Westy, too vulnerable, especially if used as a daily driver in heavy traffic, I suppose I'm biased in that I know someone who was very badly injured in one which rather coloured my views on them, in an ordinary car they'd have been ok... but let me loose any day on an open road or circuit with one!

Anything is better than a G-Whizz, including my wife's electric scooter...
Even more minimalist - Another John H
Colleague at work is getting one of these


or something very similar.

Apparently he needs a "ground anchor" to chain it to for insurance purposes...

He's mad, BTW.