02 2.0 Pipe identification - paulc924
Help needed please. A friend took his car to a garage for a serious repair. A swirl flap had been injested and damaged a piston. After a long time and a bit of a falling out with the garage the car was withdrawn with its engine already in bits. I was asked to help. I have put the engine back together which involved the purchase of some parts which had gone missing. We are at the final stages now and we have a white nylon shaped pipe of about 1" o.d. and about 2.5 ft left over. It has had a jubilee clip on one end. I can't understand what this is for. Any help please. Thanks in anticipation.
02 2.0 Pipe identification - steve_earwig
Don't overlook the possibility that it's not even from his car!
02 2.0 Pipe identification - paulc924
Thank you I hadn't, but I would rather have it in excess than missing from somewhere. Regards
02 2.0 Pipe identification - paulc924
Sussed it out today. It is the return from the high pressure pump back to the tank. Just have to work out all the plugs and sockets now. Regards.

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