Question about list price increases - burpie
If you order a new car and agree a price with the dealer, can this agreement (ie the final price) change if the manufacturer increases the list price between the time you place the order and delivery?

Sorry for being rather longwinded.
Question about list price increases - brum
I was told by a Skoda dealer, that once the factory accepts/acknowledges the order, the price is fixed.

Might be different for other makes.
Question about list price increases - dieselfitter
When I bought a car through a well-known broker last year, at a time when the pound was falling like autumn leaves, I was told that some manufacturers (e.g. Audi) won't fix prices at time of order, whilst others (e.g. Peugeot, I think) will.
Question about list price increases - RickyBoy
Whatever price I'd personally agreed to (signed for) on the day would be the exact price I would xpect to pay whether delivery was 1-week or 12-weeks after that date ? not a penny more, not a penny less... ...err, well, definitely not a penny more!

Longwinded?! Yours is possibly one of the most succinct posts that I've ever replied to...
Question about list price increases - martint123
I'd walk away. If they can't supply at the time you want to pay and buy then it's their problem.
Question about list price increases - loskie
On 15 JuneVolvo dealer quoted me £14900+ my car as £1000 Scrappage for V50 2.0Ds/Mettalic after a week I had not recd order form(deposit and order done on phone) so pushed him for it(communication WAS NOT salesman's strong point). Order form arrived showing £300 odd more was due than the agreed price, obviously not happy I got on the phone to his sales manager. Turned out I was quoted the discounted price off the old price list (at least this is what I was told) however they did honour the original deal and car was delivered on 25 July. Car well presented but PDI not in service book.
Question about list price increases - Neilly
Interesting question and something I have been thinking about.

I have a VW Golf on order. Ordered June delivery estimated September. I think I have read about a VW price increase in September.

Checked the small print on my order form (main dealer) and it states that any increase must be paid for and any decrease (how likely is that) refunded.

Looking at VW's official price list it states that any car ordered and in the 'system' will not be subject to any price increase. I'm hoping I can quote that if my dealer asks for any more money.

Does seem unusual though after a price has been agreed.
Question about list price increases - Happy Blue!
I suppose the question would change if the increased price also meant an improved spec. So you order a Golf SE for £15,000 and the delivery time is 12 weeks.

In the interim period the SE spec gains trim improvements and say climate control rather than simple a/c but the price goes up by 2%. Is it fair to insist on the £15,000 or would you be happy to pay the £15,300?
Question about list price increases - L'escargot
Read the terms and conditions on the order form.