New car, happy with fuel economy !! - pinkpanther_75
I recently bought a 2005 (MK III) Lexus GS300 SE. I fully expected the running costs to be far higher than my previous car (2008 Skoda 1.8 TSi), but decided ?what the hell? and went ahead and did the deal.

The Skoda managed 25 mpg around town and up to 44 mpg on a decent journey. The long term average over the 10 months I owned the car was 31 mpg (70% urban / 30% motorway). This was according to the ?on-board computer? which was generally 5-10% optimistic.

The Lexus is a 3.0 V6 6 speed Auto and an all together different animal. The performance figures however are remarkably similar (despite the obvious weight differential 1305 Kg vs 1620 Kg) - 0-60 is within a few tenths and the top speeds are both in excessive of silly speeds (140 mph+). In the few weeks I?ve owned the Lexus it has returned just under 25 mpg in mostly urban use, rising to mid 30?s with mixed use. Last night I had a trip to watch my team in action against the ?Stoke Potters?. The journey worked out at as a 140 mile round trip (averaging 57 mph). To my amazement the Lexus returned 40.1 mpg on the OBC! I obviously thought this was a wild overestimation and rechecked using the ?Brim to Brim? method. This gave 39.9 mpg !! So not only is the car remarkably economical, but the OBC is deadly accurate.
New car, happy with fuel economy !! - Falkirk Bairn
Mileage? What price did you pay?
Lexus dealer or non franchise?
New car, happy with fuel economy !! - pinkpanther_75
Lexus Main dealer with 26K miles and FSH. The deal involved a trade in so its hard to a price on it.
New car, happy with fuel economy !! - Bill Payer
Neighbour of mine has a GS300 after many years of Mercedes ownership.

He says he wishes he'd changed sooner. His issue with Mercedes is that he has to spend several £K on options, yet he doesn't get even the relative value back when he sells the car. With the Lexus, pretty well everything is standard.
New car, happy with fuel economy !! - madf
If you read the Lexus forum and then the various Mercedes forums, there can be little doubt as to which are the better cars..