91 1.6 Sick Pug - PugGirl
Hi all,

I am looking for a little advice on a slight problem with my pride and joy.

When I got the car, It stalled when braked at junctions or stopped suddenly. I found a way to get round this by not engaging the clutch until the last minute which in most cases has worked till I could take time off work to investigate (suspected Cold Air Sensor) however I now have a bigger problem which I am not sure whether or not it's related. Driving along the other day and I heard a small pop and the car lost power, it still drives but stinks of unburnt petrol (which it did anyway with the other problem but now worse). I pretty much stopped driving it after I got home. When you accelerate, nothing really happens but every so often it gets power back then drops again so you kind of kangaroo about. I am still going to clean/replace the cold air sensor anyway but really not sure this would cause this 'sudden' problem. I am not sure if this explains enough as I am not really the most technical person.


1) Rarely starts on first click (totally unrelated i'm certain)
2) Stalls when stopping suddenly (prior to power loss time) - Suspected Cold Air Sensor
3) Popping noise from exhaust after power loss time although foot is flat to pedal to get any power to move - almost seems like some sort of blockage as the fuel seems to be getting there but not making car move most of thetime but is giving short spurts of power then goes again.
4) Idle is not good. When you start the car it idles okay but then after a minute or 2, it worsens then eventually the car stops.
5) Running really rich.

Any help would be appreciated.