05 2.0 HDi Air Bag Light Problem - creamcrackered
Hi All,
My Wifes Car, , 'Air Bag Fault' message intermittently appears on the center display screen. might stay off for days or be on for days so seems likely an intermittent connection somewhere.

i tried switching off the passenger airbag with the key in the hope to narrow it down, but it made no difference.

i'm comfortable with electrics and electronics but not over keen to mess with these 'monkeys'.

i suggested to her it was caused by hot air passing over the steering wheel when she talked on her hands free.

absolutely no sense of humour my misses - so now having just been discharged from A&E i thought i'd ask in here on H&S grounds lol!
05 2.0 HDi Air Bag Light Problem - Dynamic Dave
The usual fault with earlier Peugeot's was the wiring under the seats for the seat belt pre-tensioners and airbags.

That's the first place I'd look - making sure the ignition had been turned off for at least an hour to allow the airbag system to discharge any remaining voltage.

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