99 1.6 Central locking/washer jets issues - steve88

I recently bought a second hand Megane and there's a couple of small issues I need to sort out.

1. The central locking isn't working on the driver's door. What could be causing this? Faulty motor perhaps?

2. No water comes out of the windscreen washer jets, either at the front or the back. The motors sound like they're working and there's water in the washer bottle.

TIA for any help!

99 1.6 Central locking/washer jets issues - bell boy
locking could be anything,maybe even a broken wire in the door to A post
as for washer bottle everything might be algaed up
pull the pipe off at the nozzle jet if you can and see if you get anything out
if you do then nozzles are blocked
if you dont then consider worn out pump or as said its gunged up
some cars have a filter on the pump
you need to access the pump to check this
99 1.6 Central locking/washer jets issues - datostar
The pump's in the reservoir and the reservoir is under the front offside wing. Bit fiddly to get to. Remove filler neck from inside engine compartment (one screw), then jack up front offside, remove wheel and wheelarch liners. This will let you get to the washer hoses, which are clipped on. Mark them to make sure they go back in the right place. At this point you can check if they are clear and may not need to actually remove the reservoir. Motor can be tested in situ by your assistant switching it on. At this point, if it works, you might get wet depending on your position.


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