04 1.8 Front brakes squealing - Robin
The front pads on my Toyota Avensis were changed during a service about 1000 miles ago. Over the last couple of days the front brakes have begun to squeak/squeal like an old bus. They do not squeak every time I use the brakes, just sometimes. Last night it appeared to be getting worse.

Should I be worried about this?

I am intending to go back to the garage where the work was done but a bit of fore knowledge would be nice.


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04 1.8 Front brakes squealing - Bilgewater
I've just replaced the front discs and pads on my 56 plate Avensis T3S at 25000 miles.
The brakes have always made a harsh noise as if the discs were rusty, but they weren't.
I noticed the Bosch pads that Toyota use were hardly worn but the discs were worn beyond the limit recommended by Toyota. The pads seem to be too hard and could easily outlast two sets of discs. Also the wheels get covered in brake dust very quickly.
I replaced them with EBC discs and pads which feel much better and quieter, but they do squeal a bit under light braking even though I used anti squeal grease on the back of the pads. The wheels keep much cleaner too.
Did your garage use Toyota parts or another manufacturer?
04 1.8 Front brakes squealing - Collos25
They haven't used enough copperslip when installing the pads nothing more than that.