97 1.3 Knocking noise from steering - Rattle
This on my dads car, we have already had the CV boots and control arms replaced a couple of months ago. The lower wishbones are just over a year old. When steering left the front suspension makes a creeping and knocking noise. It also does this over bumps. I know the top mount bushes are now in a desperate state and need doing but what could be causing this steering knock? The steering does have PAS and apart from the knock it works perfectly. It also does it more at tight low speed turns.

MOT is due soon so we need to get this sorted.

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97 1.3 Knocking noise from steering - Peter.N.
Track rod end?
97 1.3 Knocking noise from steering - Rattle
Something called the Tie Rod (I think not something I know much about) was replaced with the control arm and the CV boots is that the same as the track rod end?

If it is the track rod end is it a big job? I know the upper bushes is going to be a big job hence why its been left so long.
97 1.3 Knocking noise from steering - Roland T
Rattle - not sure what you mean by 'Control arms', it's possible that what you're describing as wishbones have been described as track control arms.
Track rods are sometimes referred to as tie rods, though I think rather than the track rod, it's more likely that the drop link has been replaced. This is the component that links the suspension strut to the anti roll bar.
Track rod ends are potentially simple to fit and only a tenner or so. It can sometimes be difficult to free off the lock nut if it hasn't been greased, as they get bathed in salt water spray over the winter. You may also need a ball joint separator to remove the track rod end from the steering arm (the part it bolts into). It's essential to have the tracking checked afterwards. I did this job recently and the replacement track rod end was a different brand and noticably shorter than the one it replaced. This would have worn the edges of the front tyres in no time if not corrected.
On my Fiesta it was wear in the roller bearings at the top of the struts rather than the rubber insulator that caused that infuriating rattle. You can buy a top mount kit including rubber insulator and bearing for about £20 a side, though it's a fairly involved job to replace them.
You mention having the CV boots replaced. If these were split and allowed water in, it's possible that the CV joints themslves are making the noise you describe.
Finally, I've also had a replacement wishbone bush de-bond in less than a year. Don't exclude this from your potential diagnosis, particulaly if you live in an area with speed humps!
Hope some of this helps.
97 1.3 Knocking noise from steering - Rattle
It does. The was making some horrible knocking noise so my dad took it to our mechanic who is a bit causual and usualy says wait till the MOT. He said two things were dangerious and needing doing now, the split CV boots and the tie rods. It cost around £120. He also replaced some arms as they were about to snap the he replaced the lower wishbones last year though.

He also said (which I knew anyway from the racket the front suspension makes, most Fiesta MK4s do!) that the front upper bushes are completly none existant. He said this is an MOT failure but can wait as he knew the drums also needed rebuilding which we had done a few weeks ago.

The Kumho's we had fitted to the front 8k miles ago seem to be wearing quite fast but the wear is at least even. It does suggest something is wrong with the suspension some where though.

I am also suspecting some welding will need doing for this MOT, and I know by next year some welding on the wheel arch will need to bed one. The problem is my parents can't afford a new car, and this Fiesta is mechanicaly very good (good engine, clutch, gearbox etc) the only time rocker cover has ever come off is to adjust the tappets, not bad for an 81k Fiesta.

Will just have to wait to see what happens at MOT time, I think £300 is the max budget.