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Hi all.

Well, like the title says, I'm looking for some ideas for my next car. I currently drive a Porsche 944, but it's a bit aged (1986, odd bits are temperamental) and requires quite a lot of maintenance, plus it doesn't have air con and the back seats are very small. I do however love the way it looks.

So, ideally, I'd like something that looks similar-ish (a bit unusual, a bit sexy), has aircon, ideally (but not essentially) has four practical seats, is newer / less maintenance hungry than my current car and costs less than say £6,000 (secondhand). The cost to equip my current car with aftermarket aircon would be higher than the value of the car, so that's a non starter. I'd considered a Porsche 944 S2 (more recent version, has aircon) but am still slightly concerned about age (most recent version available is H reg I think), reliability and servicing costs. Also considered a Seat Leon of some form, but doesn't really qualify as sexy / unusual enough. Also considered some form of BMW 3 or 5 series, and apart from a bit of a poor "sales rep" image, this is probably top contender at the moment. (I like the slightly older models with the boot spoiler, not the new shapes, and this also helps with prices).

Basically, does anyone have any suggestions for anything else I could consider? Some form of Audi...? Any input to help my vague ramblings much appreciated...


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You would get the same motoring buzz and be able to afford a new car if you bought a Panda 100HP.
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Saab 900 Classic, you might find a nice Turbo, Carlsson or Ruby

Sierra Cosworth?

Some kind of Subaru or Mitisu?

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SEAT Leon Cupra?
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Alfa 156 or 166.
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why not look for a VW Corrado. Very nice looking and a future classic perhaps?
Another vague "what car should I buy" post! - PR {P}
Alfa Romeo GT
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How about a 6-series BMW? They're a bit more individual and eye-catching than the 3 & 5 series.

Mazda RX-7 for something quirky engine-wise, though not much rear space.

Lotus Carlton for some insane saloon action.

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If you fancy something that looks exotic but ain't priced that way, and has a decent bit of go plus all the toys, why not try the Hyundai Coupe?

Don't be put off by the badge, these cars are well put together, extremely reliable and are genuine 4-seaters although headroom is obviously restricted in the rear seats. Good boot space too and a proper spare wheel.

Had mine nearly two years and I love it.
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Ah a man that wants something a little different, thank goodness i get fed up of seeing endless queues of French MPV's, identical euro box repmobile's, and nauseating little hatchbacks.

My old MB may be worth looking at as a type to consider.

W124 E320 coupe or if you could stretch another couple of grand....convertible.
'88 to '96 vintage.

Apart from the well documented wiring loom problem on these vehicles, mine has been very little trouble over the last 7ish years (its now 13), in coupe or convertible form they look attractive in a slightly old fashioned way, and are a delight to drive.

Probably similar performance to your Porsche, in that it comes into it's own above a certain speed...;)
If performance isn't an issue, the 220 version of the same car is much more economical, and seem to be lower mileage generally in the used market.

Agree with HM about his Hyundai coupe, and your budget would get you a very recent car.

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Legacy B Saloon? Ticks the aircon box (climate control) and even the Subaru site has a couple of five-six year old models at or close to your budget.
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How about:

Another vague "what car should I buy" post! - Sand-Spider
Hi all.

Many thanks indeed for all the suggestions! I now have even more cars to consider!

Doctorchris - I do have a soft spot for the old Panda 4x4, but I would never buy a new car - depreciation pain is just too much.

I spent yesterday looking at Corrados, Saabs, the already mentioned Seat Leon Cupra R (though I'm a touch concerned about long term reliability when Seat have extracted 220bhp from a 1.8l engine!). I like the looks of the Alfas, but they're a bit pricey, and according to Top Gear, not that reliable...

Harleyman, I am definitely tempted by a V6 Hyundai Coupe. Had a quick look at them on ebay, and for the price, that is indeed a lot of car, plus all the extras you could wish for, and Japanese reliability... Do you have the V6 version? Do you service it yourself? If so, is it hard to do? (I do quite a lot of work on my 944 myself, but it's a bit of a beast to work on) What sort of fuel consumption do you get? Anyway, good suggestion, thanks. (Also went from the Coupe to looking at Toyota Celicas, but that's another story :s)

Gordon - yes! Too many boring cars on the roads these days, and we need to make the most of fun cars while we can, before the government has them all driven and controlled by satellite. :( The Porsche isn't blisteringly fast really, but it does handle superbly and look sooo good! If only it was a few years younger...

And now I'm off to look at Subara Legacies, Mercs and 6 series BMWs. Half the fun is in the looking!

Thanks again all.

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Porsche 968, honda st2000, Lexus Soarer, Lexus gs300 twin turbo, Jag xjr (6cyl or V8)