Black or Candy White? - Golf Cruiser
What colour do you think is best for a new Golf MkVI - plain black or candy white? Bear in mind that the bumpers are not plastic black - but body coloured. Do you think it makes a difference on how sporty the model is? I have a Diesel 105PS 5 door on the way...What about resale value as well as ownership - keeping white looking clean is easier!

Hope the consensus is what I have ordered - not too late to change though!!
Black or Candy White? - ForumNeedsModerating
Candy white - the nice smooth lines can take this revealing 'colour' nicely. It's also much more cheerful than black!
Black or Candy White? - Tornadorot
If I wasn't going to shell out for metallic, I'd go for Tornado Red personally. It's a popular colour for GTIs... someone might mistake it for one from a distance :-)
Black or Candy White? - oldgit
Black if you like looking like a hearse and white if you fancy being a white-van man.
Black is a dangerous colour to have in our latitudes where there is gloom and filthy weather for such a large proportion of the year.
White on the new Golf looks particularly naff, as the new car has a rather bland design with nothing to break up all that 'whiteness'.

Needless to say, I'm having Reflex Silver yet again. Never really looks dirty and has good visibility.
Black or Candy White? - tack
I have pearl black. Looks really nice against the alloys. I think white suites bigger cars like the Audi A4 upwards, or Beemer 5 series. I saw a white golf today, and I was not too keen. But hey, personal choice mate, stuff everyone else eh?
Black or Candy White? - rtj70
Audi A3 and the VW Scirocco look good in white.
Black or Candy White? - Altea Ego
Pearl Black

VW group metalic/peralescent black paint is great, hides dirt well for a black car, shines after a simple wash and leather, it looks the biz, shrugs off bird poo and is pretty chip resistant.

Dangerous? I have been shunted into in green cars, white cars red cars and silver cars. never a black car.
Black or Candy White? - Neilly
As someone said above if I was having a solid colour it would be Tornado Red.

Second choice would be white.

I went for metallic - Georgia Blue
Black or Candy White? - rtj70
Pearl Black

But he's asking about solid black. Which is why white might be better. Had a pearl black Golf in 1999 and I liked the colour for the six months it existed - stolen.
Black or Candy White? - perro
Some cars do look good in white, but I don't think the golf is one of them.
Yes, the Scirocco looks good in white - can't you change the car instead :)
Black or Candy White? - Golf Cruiser
Sounds like I should be either getting a black one or changing to a Scirocco! A lot of ads show the golf in white and it looks ok - black is rather common.....not meaning to upset anyone!
Black or Candy White? - perro
There's no accounting for taste_One mans meat is another mans poison_Each to his/her own ... Whatever turns *you* on, and besides - white is the new black?
Black or Candy White? - LikedDrivingOnce
Black! Real Men go for Black.

I like my cars Black, like my women. (Shhhh - don't tell SWMBO) :-)
Black or Candy White? - perro
>>> Real Men go for Black. <<<
Yippie! ... I must be a 'real' man then ;o)