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Hi All this is my first post, hope someone can help me!

Sorry about the essay but i want to give as much info as i can

I am having a bit of a nightmare with my 07 focus 1.6 TDCI, I bought it mid December 08 with 22K on the odometer, 2 weeks after i bought it i was travelling on the motorway at approx 70 mph, the fuel gauge read about 1/8th of a tank of diesel left (midway between empty and a quarter) and the engine just stops responding no lights come on the dash and i lose all power.

Called the RAC and they said that there was no diesel in the fuel filter indicating it had run out of fuel! he manully primed the fuel line and sure enough some diesel came through. He then put some more diesel in the tank and used some carb start on the air intake and got it started.

This has now happened on 5 or 6 occasions all with the fuel gauge showing different levels(but all under 1/4 of a tank) i have had it towed directly to ford(where i bought it from) a couple of times and a couple of weeks ago they replaced the fuel pump, its had a service so all the filters have been changed. Unfortunately the problem still perstists.

It happened again on friday, travelling at 70 mph guage showing enough fuel in the tank, trip computer showing 80 miles left (i know this is not totally accurate) and the same thing happened lost all power and could not start it again.

HAd it towed to ford again and it was left there until the morning where on investigation they told me that it had run out of Fuel.
Apparently when they turned on the ignition the guage was under the red line and trip computer said 0 miles they give it some diesel and bled the fuel line and it strated no problem. Ford then give me a ring saying that it stopped because i run out of fuel!!!!
I said that according to the guage there was fuel in there when i was driving it not even the red light had come on. but they were adament there was nothing wrong with the guage as they had done all the tests!!

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this???
additionally how am i placed to demand my money back as i was sold the car with this problem from the same ford dealership.

Thanks in advance

07 1.6 Engine cuts out @ 70 mph - R2-CMax
I was going to suggest things around not letting the car get too low on fuel (ie don't give them a leg to stand on!) and suggest troubleshooting. But then I googled "Ford focus fuel tank" and clicked on the first hit:


Sound familiar? I think your search is over.

(I know it's a link to a competing website but the similarity to the reported problem makes me believe that in this case showing this link is justified). {that's ok just made it non clickable. We wouldn't want them to know their web traffic is coming from a competitor}

To be honest I have seen other reports of fuel sender problems and it's my belief that a skilled garage should start here if they get normally sensible people running out of fuel (especially more than once).

I tend to reset the trip computer on my C-max every time I fill up, and know what my car will do before the light comes on, based on my driving style and commute. I do it because I'm tight and it helps eek out the mpg, but it would be a good habit for you until you're sure it's fixed for good.

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07 1.6 Engine cuts out @ 70 mph - MikeTorque
Sounds like the known issue of a faulty fuel sender unit as per the above link. Get the garage to change it on the warrantee.

To regain confidence in the car use brim to brim measurements and calculate how much mileage you generally get per fill and then fill tank sooner rather than later.
07 1.6 Engine cuts out @ 70 mph - sparky93
and carry a gallon of derv in yer boot