01 1.4 breakdown/failure of gear box - mouldyrose
My car broke down due to the clutch plates being burn out. When the local garage looked at it, they say that there is a pin gone in the gear box and the whole thing will have to be replaced. This is beyond economical repair and the best thing is to scrap the car and buy a replacement. They have offered me about £200 for it. They also want to charge me for the work they had aleady done to replace the clutch plates.
Is this fair? Do I have any comeback? The car is undriveable, so I can't move it to another garage, to get a second opinion. I could look for a secondhand gear box on the internet, but the garage seem reluctant to do the work, due to cost. Is this correct?
01 1.4 breakdown/failure of gear box - bell boy
sounds a nice scam to me
speak to local trading standards first thing in the morning,they probably have a nice thick pile of paperwork and need you to stand as witness to prosecute them
your car is worth much more than £200 even as a breaker if its in tidy condition
i would suggest a second opinion off an independant garage to asses the gearbox too if it was fine prior to the clutch going

you have to ask yourself why would garage want to buy an uneconomic car to repair?if they didnt think it was econiomic to repair

pity you cant name them
01 1.4 breakdown/failure of gear box - sparky93
it is possible as u have a vw. if the gearbox is type DUU the diff pins are prone to breaking. google duu gearboxes.


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