92 1.6 Trailing Arm Bushes - whathaveidone!
Need to replace the bushes in rear suspension and have been quoted several prices

Cheapest £15.00 inc for a pair from motor factors to £25.00 each for unipart ones,

which to use Unipart (are better?) or cheap ones from factors ?

Are these bushes hard to fit ?

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92 1.6 Trailing Arm Bushes - mjm
Which to use?

Up to you really, the general condition of the car, how long you want to keep it etc.

Which bushes do you mean? the large centre one or the smaller ones?

I haven't changed the small ones on a Rover but the large ones aren't difficult. I cut through the steel outer bush and knocked them out. The new ones can be knocked in carefully, there isn't much metal in the arm to grip them.

I did one arm at a time. That way you have an untouched arm to refer to for bush alignment and protrusion length.

Don't retighten the bolts until the car is sat back on its wheels.

The worst part of the job was rusty/siezed bolts with heads made of cheese.
92 1.6 Trailing Arm Bushes - Peter.N.
The easiest way to remove the outer part from the arm is to run a ring of weld around the inside, when it cools it will shrink, you should then be able to lever it out quite easily
92 1.6 Trailing Arm Bushes - Robin the Technician
Go for the Unipart ones - they tend to use the same supplier as OE - especially as they used to supply all the Rover spares - I know, I work there!!!

Hope this helps