General question on Toyota oil sludging - Tafia
Hi folks,

I have read many reports on Toyota engines sludging their oil and self destructing, mainly from the US where Toyota are involved in a class action with thousands of owners.

There may also be an issue with dual mass flywheels on the diesels.

I am thinking of buying a Toyota Avensis for its safety record but am concerned about the above.

Anyone have any information on this which applies in UK? Seems to be kept quiet over here.

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General question on Toyota oil sludging - Toyota Red
I've seen the class action, but I've not read reports of a problem here. It may simply be the oil used in the states.

The 'car-by-car' breakdown should highlight it, but I'm not aware of a problem in the UK. Rest assured, comeone would have brought it up here if it were happening ;-)

You can always use a torch to have a peer down the oil filler hole- I presume if it were gunked up, it would be obvious.

Only problem with Toyota engines was a piston ring issue on early (~early 2000s) 1.6 VVT-i units leading to high oil consumption after about 40k miles, but I'm not sure if this engine was in the Avensis- worth checking.

The Avensis seems to have an enviable reliability record here.
General question on Toyota oil rings problem - Reveller
Hi, my Toyota, less than 70K miles. Oil ring bunged up. Oil goes through top two rings/ burns out the exhaust/ runs out of oil, gauges appear in the bores. Toyota service said warranty on this failure extended to 7 years or 120K miles, but guess what? My Toyota registered 2nd June 2002. Loads of Toyotas have apparantly been done, but because mine is just over 7 years, not covered. Cost- new half engine plus labour- more than 2.5K pounds. I feel hard done by- only 70K miles is way below expected life. Engine now estimated to consume around 1 litre per 1000 miles- (garage estimate) even with gently driving. Is this fair (Toyota have been good extending warranty), or is this just Toyota ducking the cost of a general recall? Car serviced at Toyota all its life, so why didn't they de-gunged the oil ring to keep it clear? No, they just sat back and let it happen. What do the experts think? Anyone get a result from Toyota? If so how?