car broken into :( - smashing
visiting a friend in Leicester tonight and only left my car for an hour...came back to missing passenger side back window (the small one) and no radio...lovely!! i hate people who do this whats the was worth like £15 and its gonna cost me hassle and what not to get it sorted out *sigh*...reported it to the police and they said someone will call me on sunday (tomorrow) to talk about it...then need them to give me a crime reference number so that i can tell my insurance what it is so that it wont affect my NCB....all of that for one lowsy radio *sigh*
car broken into :( - Lud
Hard luck smashing. Pond life, the urban streets... busy roads are best for parking. Quiet ones are riskier.

Still, you will have the fun of finding a better radio/cassette or CD than the old one. When you've got it, if it's thievable, either make it removable or disguise it.

Just life really. Sucks of course, but when didn't it?
car broken into :( - smashing
so very true lol knew it was in a dodgy part of town but iv parked up in worse before just a bit of bad luck on my part tbh i generally disguise it when im not in the car but it just slipped my mind and as you said i can go shopping for a new one now :)
car broken into :( - Hamsafar
Hard luck.
I wouldn't bother telling the insurance for a <£200 radio.
The window will probably be £40.
Whatever you claim, you will pay back in higher premiums anyway. :(
car broken into :( - carl_a
I wouldn't bother telling the insurance for a <£200 radio.
The window will probably be £40.
Whatever you claim you will pay back in higher premiums anyway. :(

Alas I agree, its a sorry state when victims of crime find it'll be cheaper in the long run to pay for the crime themselves.
car broken into :( - b308
Ah, good old Leicester, if its any consolation their scumbags also got my wife's handbag earlier in the year... nearly caused us major problems as her insulin was in it... not happy memories of the place...
car broken into :( - Pizza man
the premium will be loaded around 40% for a theft, even though your excess is probably higher then what they'll pay you anyway.

JVC do a MP3/WMA cd player for about £40 on ebay.
car broken into :( - nick
It's best not to claim for a minor thing like this and keep quiet about it in future when buying insurance. As already mentioned, even if your ncd isn't affected your premium will rise. They'll perceive you a higher risk. Not strictly honest but the logical thing to do.
car broken into :( - bonzodog
A few years ago a colleague of mine had his car stolen off his drive ......

in the early evening .....

whilst his house was full .......

with a poiceman present .....

giving a HOMEWATCH talk!
car broken into :( - bell boy
if its a standard ford radio it might be cheaper buying it back off the thief on one of those internet sites that sells things than going into town

sick world isnt it
its the new blackmail without a torso
car broken into :( - smashing
been quoted £196.05 for a new excess is £75 so im not entirely sure what to do lol
car broken into :( - Pugugly
Scrappie ?
car broken into :( - smashing
i have no idea how to go about going to a scrapyard for that...does anyone know of a good one in nottingham??
car broken into :( - BB
The scrap yard I used to go to was the big one just off the A52 on the left (heading notts to derby) by the M1 just between Sandiacre and Toton....but cant remember what it is called.
car broken into :( - b308
Look up "car breakers" in the Yellow pages, doesn't come under "scrappies" for some reason! :)
car broken into :( - Hamsafar
Podders near Woodborough is good, and they have many things off the shelf and have a garage that can fit. The glass price is a rip-off. You could ask the Ford dealer for a price of the part. The trouble is Autoglass and RAC screens etc.. run a system where if it's not through the insurance, the price is a disgrace. Many whole laminated windscreens are covered by the excess you pay! The whole car glass industry is a scam and sham.

Alternatively, try and look in the yellow pages for a small outfit's advert - even a one man band (not a major nation chain)

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car broken into :( - Blue {P}
Smashing - Crime number or not, it will affect your NCB and future premiums (if you have protected NCB then although it won't affect the NCB straight away you will still lose one of your "lives" and the base premium will rise). The NCB is a no claim bonus, not a no blame bonus so although it sucks, you need to weigh up whether the one off cost of a new window is worth hassle with insurance for up to 5 years.

The price that you have had on the window sounds quite high, when my old Fiesta window was smashed I think it cost me about £90 for a new window. I would recommend Nationall Windscreens, they did my friend's Micra's entire windscreen for less than £200, never mind a small side glass!
car broken into :( - Mookfish
As for the radio, I got a replacement ford 5000rds radio from the local scrapie the other week for £20 complete with code (although you can get the code for free online anyway).
Good service they even pulled it out of the scrap car for me, I was expecting to have to climb up to get it myself.

I agree that the price for a new window is ridiculous, I have payed less for windscreens.
car broken into :( - smashing
got a quote im happy with from national windscreens :) £77 including call out and fitting :D
car broken into :( - Blue {P}
Smashing, not sure whether that was as a result of my recommendation or whether you just found them by chance but pleased that you've got a good price, far better than involving troublesome insurance companies. :-)

car broken into :( - smashing
i forgot to mention that it was of course from your suggestion so thank you very much :)