Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - tultje24
Hello everybody,

Thanks to this forum I've found quite a lot of people who were willing to fill in my questionnaire (15 in 2 days!!). The questionnaire is about car advertisements and it's for my masterthesis Business Communication in the Netherlands, regarding a cross-cultural research. The thing is that when I can find 15 more people to fill in my questionnaire: I will be done for sure and ready to write my thesis.

So everybody, are you going to be one of the last 15 respondents to fill in my online questionnaire? Please fill it in, it is really helping me a lot!! It should take about 7 minutes to fill it in.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and for filling in!

Please enter the URL by clicking:

(Links to a web-page at Radboud University, Netherlands)

Thanks anyway!

Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - Avant
I tried again, but as before you just see a picture of a car with nothing to click on to show the advertisement.
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - tultje24

it's just about the pictures, I'm doing a study about advertisements without texts. It's all about the pictures and how much they express.

Thanks anyway for trying!
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - Lud
I answered the whole thing without trouble. I hope a few others did too tultje?

I don't know about other people, but when the time comes I would like to see what you make of that survey.
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - b308
Done it, can someone please explain how the guy on the horse was connected to selling a car? Lost me did that one!

Also why did you reverse the agree/disagree on Qs 4 and 5? Damned annoying!!
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - mike hannon
Yes, reversing the agree\disagree seems to be pointless - and when I realised what had happened I couldn't go back and check my previous answers so I sort of lost interest in the exercise.
Before that, I was congratulating myself on probably being the only person who took part in the questionnaire having seen just one of the adverts before (the Land Rover one).
It just seems to me that, these days, the world of car advertising is a very weird world indeed.
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - b308
Ah, you did a few questions before you realised as well, Mike... that may affect his results as I can't see us being the only ones!
Request online questionnaire (the sequel) - tultje24
Thanks everybody!

Quite a lot people had the same comment about reversing the answer scale, I realize it has become a possible issue for the results in the study. I have to write about it in my Discussion section at the end of my report. It's too late to change the questionnaire.
The thing is that it's some kind of trick to keep people alert and not just tick away.

Thank's everybody! You made this Dutch girl (almost) finish her cross-cultural study!