01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - scfc_151
Ive just had a new clutch fitted on my 306 with 188,000 after a catastrophic failure. The only problem is that there is juddering in 1st and reverse.

The car drives fine with no loss of power. Im just wondering if its 'bedding in' or if it needs to go back. Ive never had a new clutch and ive only done 150 miles with it but I dont want to take it back too quickly

01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - jon-george
it could be the fly wheel but i would take it back. were did you have it done
01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - RichardW
A new clutch should feel just that - light and smooth. If it's juddering, something is not right. But... what did you have fitted by whom? A cheapo job at a well known national chain may well be a re-con clutch, whereas you'd be much better off fitting an OE spec clutch (LUK on these I think). I helped my mate fit a new clutch to his 306 HDi - a long and arduous job, but then it was our first clutch change!
01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - scfc_151
I had it fitted by a guy that just does clutches all day every day. called 'the clutch man' ive seen loads of deliveries from GSF whenever ive been there so i can only assume he uses them for my 306?

i just wondered if it might be bedding in but if thats not the case ill get it in
01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - focusman
i would not leave it to long till you make them aware of the problem. if you leave it another week or two they may and try saying it's your style of driving what has caused this.
many moons ago i had a clutch done at a fast fit place and when i picked it up the release bearing was noisier than when it went in for repair, should have been a complete clutch, pressure and friction plate and release bearing. took it straight back, they took it for a test drive, then when on return put it straight back on the lift and put another 'new' complete unit in. i still think they tried to get away with not replacing the release bearing, false economy on there part.
01 2.0 Hdi, New clutch - scfc_151
Well he replaced the bearing guide which was wrecked too so ill get it back in and hopefully he will sort it

thanks for the advice