Sharp dealer practice ? - k9dan
bought a year old sedona from a large scottish dealership begins with snip - see name and shame policy .Got car home and saw front and full nearside sprayed. I suspect between me buying it and uplifting it a few days later, but can't prove it. Returned car next day, dealer has been coming up with unsuitable replacements damage repairs etc. Basically I'm looking for a refund which they are refusing, been to trading standards, and my lawyer, basically looking like a long court case while they sit on my 11k and I have no car. Giving serious thought to sitting outside their place with posters hoping to put buyers off, as the only thing these guys know is to hit their sales bonus. Hoping credit card company comes up with something but the way things are going not looking good for me, basically they can stretch it out while I've got thin air.

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sharp dealer practice - movilogo
Few days back saw a news that a guy painted his Range Rover [plagued with several faults] and parked outside Land Rover dealer.

As the news says, the dealer finally offered him a new car as goodwill gestures.

sharp dealer practice - bonzodog
I'm not saying they haven't, but why you think the dealer has resprayed the car between you ordering it & collecting it? There's no reason for them to do so; unless you suspect it has been in a prang during that time.
sharp dealer practice - Altea Ego

Whats wrong with the respray? Is it poorly carried out? is the car fit for purpose and of merchantable quality for a car of its age? Does it have a fault the seller has refused to or is unable to repair?

Did you ask "has the car been involved in a crash"? or make it a condition of sale?

>"been to trading standards, and my lawyer, basically looking like a long court case"

Is that because they have told you the dealer has done nothing wrong?
sharp dealer practice - k9dan
Respray was poor, or I wouldn't have noticed it, hence difficult for me to sell on a few years down the line when replacing. Did ask the sales suit if it had ANY repairs done to it, answer was no, hence not as described or satisfactory quality. Dealer is at the stage where he is obliged to refund, (already done the repair, replace stage),so if he refuses court case. Credit caed company seem upbeat so I expect a result there.
sharp dealer practice - Andrew-T
Seems to me that the car you were asked to collect was not the car you had agreed to buy. The least they should have done was advised you of the intended respray, or any other work you had not agreed when you signed. My suspicion is that they dented it somehow during prep?
sharp dealer practice - Westpig
did you pay a deposit on the credit card?....most dealers don't like payment by cc because of the costs
sharp dealer practice - Talking Hoarse
Sorry to hear of these troubles.
I would suggest initially a polite letter to the Managing Director of the company, copied to the manager of the branch concerned. (If you phone up head office or check web site, you will likely get the names & addresses you need). Set out the problem, suggest the solution (that you want to achieve) and offer to meet the MD in person.
I should be surprised if the MD of the company wants you to walk away so unhappy. He has the oppurtunity to turn this around and gain a customer of you. And I suspect that paying customers are very valuable these days.

sharp dealer practice - bonzodog
Yep, if you asked if the car had had any repairs & were told no, yet subsequently found it had a respray then the car was clearly mis-described. Only problem is proving the salesman said this.

Good luck
sharp dealer practice - k9dan
I'm not in the trade, but count myself as well informed with sites like this. I checked the car over pretty thoroughly when buying it, I know I would have seen the repair, didn't look too close when picking it up as I'd already looked at it earlier. I do think it has been bumped and repaired between me seeing it and uplifting it. For the life of me I can't understand why this major dealership is digging their heels in so hard over 2 grand of profit in one sale, where it is completely destroying their previously good reputation. I paid the whole lot on card, and the credit card company were very interested, I hope for a good resolution with them, as the garage attitiude is just beyond me. If not I'm in for a long fight while being out of pocket, and paying interest in the meantime. Doesn't do much for your stress levels. I'll update when there is news.
sharp dealer practice - captain chaos
Hi k9dan
Ask the dealer if the car has had any body or paint repair between you seeing it and uplifting it. If not, ask them to put it in writing. Then get a vehicle inspection. They can measure the thickness of the paint and can tell if it differs from the original finish.
Good luck,
Regards, cc
sharp dealer practice - Stuartli
>>.. I paid the whole lot on card>>

That was a very good idea, even though just £100 would have been sufficient for the card company to be required to take up the matter.

I've found that CC companies such as Visa come down very hard on errant retailers, whatever the field involved, on the rare occasions I've had to make a complaint.

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sharp dealer practice - k9dan
Hi Capitano,
The dealer say it must have come from KIA repaired and they missed the paint job, when I picked it up it stank of solvent, should have rang bells then, no smell of solvent in showroom. Suppose I was too busy looking forward to enjoying new car, I did say to salesman, who said it was product used to clean interior. No real problem retuning first car, problem has been them trying to force me into unsuitable replacements, in rough condition and also with repairs. I think they repaired the first one after a knock at their place, it's a large multi retailer with bodyshop repair, so would easy for them to bodge. Waiting for credit card Co for their decision and I hope they are my saviour.
sharp dealer practice - gordonbennet
If the car is otherwise up to the mark couldn't you live with the fact it's had some N/S body repairs.

I only say this as nearly all Sedona's (and other large MPV's) i've seen have had scrapes and worse to the NSF and NSR, many have been on fleets (rentals) and some drivers just can't cope with the size of them.
You may struggle to find a car without damage in this sector.
Sharp dealer practice ? - GroovyMucker
bought a year old sedona ... Got car home and saw front and full nearside sprayed. I
suspect between me buying it and uplifting it a few days later but can't prove

If I understand you correctly, you think the car

might already have been resprayed when you bought it, and you didn't notice it,


it has been damaged and resprayed between your paying for it and receiving it.

I don't think I'd be putting money on either option myself.
Sharp dealer practice ? - k9dan
Latest news: Got V5 from DVLA ex hire car and nothing to do with KIA as a management car. Card company still looking at, have sent them a copy of the V5 as well.