04 1900 dripping oil? - wrigley
I have had an mot recently and asked to look at oil leak which constantly drips when engine has been running and oil is warm i was told it would cost lots of money just to strip down and inverstigate so i have decided to look myself have striped large component from top of engine and it is covered in oil on front face of engine but i dont think its a gasket but it is hard to tell with so much oil around something like the turbo fixed on front of engine of a gas recycling valve if it has one some things i have experienced oil leaking problems with in the past I am going to gunk down the engine block tomorrow and reassemble to see if i can pinpiont the source of the leak from a clean engine but before I reassemble and go through the hassle of then dismatling again has any one got any sugestions as to what might be the cause I have removed the turbo housing and the internal area and the plastic manifold that it connects to is very heavily soiled with oily deposits this is not right is it? and can you
disable the turbo and drive the vehicle without it ?

any advice or guidance would be gratefully received

thanks guys