09 2.0 Information panel - bluemoecho
i have just bought a new car and when i switch off my engine and lock car, the information panel stays lit, so i can go out a few hours later and see my mileage etc all in bright red. Does anyone know why this stays on or how i switch that off along with all the other panel instruments


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09 2.0 Information panel - Dynamic Dave
I imagine there is a fault somewhere. The 08 registered Focus pool cars where I work don't do this.

Sounds like you need to take advantage of the 3 yr warranty on your car.
09 2.0 Information panel - Pete Mansell
My Mk2 Focus does this. The time the display remains on is inconsinstent - varying up to a couple of hours.
09 2.0 Information panel - focusman
my focus lll does the same, it goes off after a while. i don't think you can turn it off or alter the time period