Poor Radio Signal - Rog C
Since I have had the CRV, I have noticed that when I am not in an excellent radio signal area, and have the heated rear window on, I loose signal. As soon as I get into a good signal area, it doesnt seem to make any difference. I have taken it back to the Dealer, who found the aerial base loose and tightened it up, but unfortunately this has made no difference. The problem is the dealer is in a good signal area, their comment was if we cant see the problem we cant fix it mmm. I was wondering if there is a signal booster in the aerial base, and when switching on the heated rear window it looses power, I would welcome any thoughts.
On a second note the gearchange 1 to 2nd is still appauling after 10K miles. Again the dealership hasnt tried to fix it, saying there all the same and blaming the linkage, but it feels more like a syncro fault to me. I have read on other forums that this is a common problem, and so far there does not seem to be a fix, again if anyone out there knows whats worked please tell.


Poor Radio Signal - bell boy
you dont say where you live but the signal booster versus heated rear window sounds the plausable answer
radios in cars seem to be second choice these days to mp3 and that other upstart pod thing
it annoys me too that a simple request to get radio 2 in most parts of the country on a car radio is still unachievable
Poor Radio Signal - Brentus
I noticed my signal drifted on road to Cornwall Rog but think that is normal when travelling such distances. Never used heated rear window on this journey. Your dead right about the 1st n 2nd gearing though, been mentioned here a bit if you note.