03 2.0HDi Clonking from underneath front N/S - Fluffykins
I'm having problems with a clonking from an indeterminate point SOMEWHERE underneath the nearside front.

It sounds like its coming from a random point anywhere between the front footwell, back to the centre pillar.

Its mostly when there are mild bumps in the road and more so when those bumps are one side or the other, rather than both sides together.

It's not too bad with just me on board, but more pronounced when the missus in on the passenger seat.

I've done the rounds: Checked the storage pockets and bins for loose things, the doors for worn catches and rattles, the exhaust for tightness, all to no avail.

I *HAVE* seen a thought that the clonking can be caused by worn ball joints at the ends on the drop links, which go between the ends of the anti-roll bar and the front wishbones.

Certainly there seem to be a lot of replacement links being pushed on eBay.

Does anyone have any experience?

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03 2.0 2.0HDi Clonking from underneath front N/S - adverse camber
Could be drop links, but also have a look at the springs - there was a recall for the fitment of a new design of seat for the springs. I think because a broken spring could puncture a tyre.

Check if your car has had the recall and have a good inspection of the ends of the springs.

Really though you need to have a look underneath and wobble things around a bit. could even be exhaust?
03 2.0 2.0HDi Clonking from underneath front N/S - dagenham car center
check the drop links,these connect suspension strut to lower arms.
grap the join and get someone else to shake the car from the roof by pushing it,any play will become obvious.