Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
hi,i have a 2003 expert 2.0 hdi,having major problems with starting,from cold like left overnight it starts on 1st turn and power is great as it should be,but if i switch it off it wont start again/it does fire as such,leave it till next day it starts
i have changed the low pressure pump in the tank
what we did do was tap with a socket the high pressure pump and 5 times out of 10 it started
would this indiecate the cut off regulater?on the side of the pump being held on with 2 torque screws?

any info would be great

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Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - dagenham car center
it could be that,it would need a scan on a diagnostic tool to confirm it though.
i can recomend people in;
east london
and scotland
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
thing is it has displayed management light ,but hasnt gone into limp mode?
i,m changing the regulator later today will keep you posted
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
started 1st time/as got warmer wouldnt start
it fires enough just wont start
any ideas
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
1 question? will a diagnostic machine pick up any faults if engine management light hasnt been on for ages
it was several days ago the light came on but went off after next start

any common problems to suggest why it will start cold but not when warm

would a temperature sensor cause this
or fuel rail sensor

any info greatly appreciated
considering selling it lol
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - dagenham car center
diagnostic check is the FIRST place to start,without it your working blind.
on psa cars the eml dosnt come on until theres a serious fault.
all minor faults are recorded but dont bring the eml on.
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
thanks for the reply/i,ll get it booked in monday
much appeciated
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
strange thing is once it gets half way to 70 degrees on temp guage it wont start
i disconnected the temperature sensor and it started?? and fans stayed on
would the temp sensor actually cause this?
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
it came up a code 1108
chap reckons low fuel pressure
does any1 know //purple relay in fuse box /it became very hot after driving
is he correct change fuel rail?
then sensor /fuel pressure
then high pressure pump?
any info greatly appreciated
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - alanmoose
changed the fuel pressure sensor on the rail...still the same
could the high pressure pump work fine from cold and then run continuosly for hours on end but when you switch off wont work?? until many hours later when its all cold again
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - citroengav
hi i know its been a while but did you resolve this problem? just my citroen relay has the same fault and i can't find out what is wrong with it
Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - hardway

Had this on a couple of engines,low fuel pressure codes stored,fault found after making up a home made injector leak back tester with BIG resevoirs (juice bottles).

Anyway,started and ran them until the fuel rail pressure started to fall (Planet),once the rail pressure droped under 180 bar engine would stall and not restart until cold,this is when the home made tool comes in,leak back from all 4 injectors normal,once the pressure began to drop one return bottle started filling at an in creasing rate.

non start cranking test showed one injector was leaking back at a hell of a rate,until the engine cooled then normal.

as it was a taxi the brief was "just fix please",injector exchanged at dealer and vehicle ran flawlessly,best guess,and it is a guess as I didn't have the original for more testing was that some form of micro fracture in the injector that only open up at temperature and then closed when cool.

So injector leakack test while monitoring the fuel rail live pressure,oh and the reason for the big bottles was one car only did this at 15 and a half mins' running time

Expert 03 2.0 hdi starting problem - Peter.N.
That's very interesting, I was going to suggest injectors but as you say a quick test would have been deceptive. I have made a note in case I have the problem, seems I will have to get my Lexia working.

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