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Can I mix different tyre brands front and back on a 4x4?

I have a 2011 BMW X1 xDrive on run flats. I don’t mind the harsh ride but they are Pirelli P7 and seem to lack grip in winter. It has 255/40 R18 95V on the back and 225/45 R18 91V front. I expect to need new replace rears this year (rather costly) and would like cross climates but not to change all four at once as the fronts have a lot of tread to go. Can I get suitable run flats and phase the rear and fronts?

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You can't mix tyres with cold weather tyres and you definitely can't mix tyres with an automatic 4WD system. You can't get Cross Climate ZPs anyway. It's probably a matter of succumbing to the BMW winter package system whereby you pay the dealer a couple of grand for a set of winter tyres on rims (preferably smaller rims with deeper profile tyres), then swap back to summers in April.
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