04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Ptar64
Hello All,

Owner of a 1.4 HDI 307 Estate with 114,500 "roughly" on the clock. Owned since new and do about 100 miles a day.

A few weeks ago, the car went into limp mode "as far as I know" a few times but was every so often but never brought up a warning light.
Had it serviced then was fantastic for a week, then kicked into limp mode and never recovered.
Then finally the dreaded "Anti-Pollution" and engine management light popped up one day I used my DIY Diagnostic tool to find one fault.

P0401 - EGR Flow Insufficient.

So I got the EGR valve replaced and cleaned out all the tubing free of carbon build up.
Got it all back together, ran fantastic for a day or two.
Then it went back to the same symptoms as limp mode but its not limited as much at the revs (ie I can get it over 3k this time in 1st 2nd and 3rd) just takes so long, feels like the turbo doesnt give any boost.
No faults are being shown on the dash or on the diagnostics.
All I notice is that the engine bay is extremely hot because of the turbo.
I am now stuck as to what the problem is. Ive been suggested to put in 1/2 a litre of T2 oil?? Another suggestion was that the turbo wastegate is stuck?

Any advice as to what to do next is much appreiciated please :).


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04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - dagenham car center
needs a full diagnostic check to pinpoint whats causing low flow,could be particle filter or air mass meter get it investigated
where are you,in case you want a recomended garage.
04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Ptar64
This engine doesnt have the particle filter. I could disconnect the air mass meter and see if that overrides the error.
I am in Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray, land of the pork pies!
Any recommended garages would be brilliant please :).

04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Ptar64
Just tried car without the mass air flow connected. Still running sluggish, like the turbo not working properly :(.

04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Ptar64
Got the turbo working properly now :D.
Got some carbon cleaner and cleaned out the turbo from the air inlet.
Rough start and throwing out alot of black smoke then purring.
Took for a 20mile drive and got its power again!
Hopefully it should work, gonna try a drive again later on after another blast of cleaner.

04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Ptar64
Another Update,
After a week and just over 500 miles of running fantastic. Its kicked back to not working again :(.
Was alright until I fully filled the tank up with fuel. Done some more driving but still not getting its full power back.
Need some ideas as to where to look next. Im thinking fuel pump.


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04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - Power10
Experiencing a very similar problem. Car is intermittently running OK and other times not going at all. 120K miles now on clock. Very similar miles and daily routine, 90 mile in total every day mainly on A-roads .
1. At 100K anti-pollution kept flagging and car kept stopping, had fuel tank flushed and cleaned out, new filter, OK for four months and 8000miles and problem started again so I had the pump replaced.
2. Now at 16000 miles later the car has now started refusing to rev out properly (this is also more apparent on a full tank) and at any hill the car is down to 30 mph. To me it seems like there is no turbo boost occurring.
Beginning to get seriously pink fluffy dice off with this car now!!

{As am I because someone hasn't read or doesn't understand the no swearing policy!! }

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04 1.4 HDI Estate - Engine/Power Loss - shadey
Not sure if this thread is still going, or if there is another one that someone can direct me to? Having the same problem, I serviced the engine today, flushed the oil, changed the oil and filter, put a new airfilter in it. Noticed the breather going into the turbo was a little oily so cleaned the pipe and sprayed some cleaner into the turbo on idle to try to push a little of the muck through. Now im getting the antipolution warning and the car will rev as described above. Any advice on how you guys got over this would be great, can ran great before i serviced it!!!

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