Minor Bump, Major Incident - Berisford
There was a minor bump on my way to work today.

Situation; Major 50/60mph X roads junction, lights take forever to cycle round. Lights change to amber and a 58 plate Astra, almost on the line, decides to try and stop, Sharon behind doesn't quite manage to stop and gives it a nudge. Very little damage, both the rear bumper on the Astra and the front on the Sharon have deformed a little, no broken lights and no airbags deployed.

Now 30 years ago, before energy absorbing bumpers and head restraints the vehicles would have moved over to the side of the road, both parties would have swapped details and everyone would been on their way within 10 minutes or so.

Not nowadays, the Sharon driver gets out but the Astra occupants stay put.

To cut a long story short, the bomberos are called to cut the roof off. All Astra occupants must have apparently suffered '£££whiplash£££'s'

So, a minor bump has turned into a major incident costing thousands, not to mention the delays to hundreds of other motorists just because 3 persons are thinking that there might be lots of easy money at the end of the day.

I'm informed by a friend that some 2 hours later the queues are still horrendous because the Astra was still in the road blocking lane 2 and its roof had been placed neatly alongside it blocking lane 1. Classic!

The situation was further compounded by the half dozen or so 'Community Support Officers' that had been brought in to 'control' the traffic. Not half a brain between 'em apparently.

Now if it turns out that the people have indeed truly suffered then I'll take a large portion of humble pie but I'm fully expecting to read in the local paper next week that they were 'discharged' the same day.

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - bell boy
The airbags on the astra wont of gone off because it was rear ended rather than frontalled.
The sharons airbag might have not gone off because it was a straight frontal and it missed the solid chassis rails that would make the senser fire the front bags.
The people in the astra may well have neck problems,i was a passenger in a micra 20 years ago that was rearended at about 15 mph and i never claimed but im still suffering from whiplash type injuries where my neck locks up even today.
The other thing is modern cars twist to heck under the bumpers and so you dont see the damage till you try to open the boot.
My wife gave a classis example of this about 2 years ago in her fiesta,a bmw car with a woman driver rear ended my wifes car and because she could see no damage my wife let her go with a remonstration,i looked at the car down at work and her boot floor was 6 inches higher than it should have been,if it was an insurance job it would have been a total loss,muggins me had to sort it for 4 cans of stella and a goodnight kiss.

Sorry for the long post but first observations are not always correct.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Rattle
This sort of thing winds me right up, now I wasn't there so I don't know how bad it was so I am talking about minor accidents in general.

A few years back my dad went through a major junction on red (was a lot of circumstances and the police cleared him) result is a 106 hit our Punto at 30mph side on. The punto had dents on every wing, collapsed suspension, broken steering, broken lights it was a right off. We in a state of shock just causualy walk out ambulance kept trying to force us to go to hospital but we refused as it was just shock.

Later that week I did have a really bad back and I had a stiff neck but it not not even ocur on us to claim. I think unless the injury has stopped you from working them claiming on insurance is bad for us all.

When we are on the roads injury is likely to happen if I sued every time I had an injury (fallen through pot holes, fell of my bike due to poor road etc) I would be rich but probablt very unhappy!

If your injury stops you from working and it costs you money then that is when to claim on the insurance. I just know so many people that have faked injuries after a crash for ££££ :(.

On a side note I wonder if the Astra was a new driver? Was there a speed/traffic light camera at that junction? The astra driver was probably paranoid about loosing his licence but I think it was the Sharans fault as the lights would have clearly turned to amber by the time the Sharon approached. It would have had more than enough time to stop, it probably assumed the Astra was was going to go through on amber and got a shock. **

As a rule if there is nothing too close behind me I will always stop on amber even if it means doing a semi emergency stop.

** Sentance corrected by Rattle before posting - a first.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Lud
No broken lights, no airbags, no serious body damage?

Sorry bb but I can't believe anyone was injured or even seriously shaken. Perhaps it was one of these midland scamsters.

In any case, whiplash is nearly always a con. It's a well-known joke in the US where it was invented.

I can't bear incompetent drivers waddling about in the way and trying to cause accidents. But I become positively murderous when they succeed in causing one and then triumphantly spend two or three years wearing neck braces to justify their couple of grand of ill-gotten gains. Down a hole with the carphounds, and bulldoze the earth back on top of them.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - the swiss tony
In any case whiplash is nearly always a con. It's a well-known joke in the
US where it was invented.

I was involved in an accident where I was hit from behind at fairly low speed (I was stationary)
at the time of the accident I felt fine, 3 hours later I was strapped to a hospital bed with a suspected broken neck.
I was lucky (?) it turned out to be badly strained neck muscles, I was off work for over a week, on light duties for a month, and still suffer bad neck pain/locking up of my neck 2 years later - I expect to suffer with this for the rest of my life.
In retrospect, I agreed compensation too early, I got 2 grand, thats not a lot for a lifetime of pain.... I saw my mother suffer with neck pain from when I first had memories, until she passed away, there were times she could hardly move for pain ... so I know what I may have to live with, I hope I dont suffer a fraction of her agony... to see people post comments like that makes my blood boil......
if you ever suffer whiplash then you WILL understand.

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - Lud
Take it easy Swiss, I did say nearly always.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - the swiss tony
You ask me to take it easy...I think I was!

I cannot see how anyone can say that whiplash is almost always fake.
the thing with damaged tissue injury's is that they are almost always invisible to the untrained eye.
I was examined by an independent doctor on behalf of the insurance company some time after the accident.
at that time I felt that the injury was pretty much healed, and thought the doctor may not find much sign of the injury.
within a few seconds he found the root area of the pain, and told me the muscle was still damaged, and was unlikely to ever heal totally. in short, I was very surprised at what the doctor found.
Have you ever suffered back pain? if you have then you will know how painful that can be, and how easy it can be to bring the pain back on.
you will also know that it is impossible for others to see your pain, other than the way you walk, and the tears in your eyes.... or are you just putting it on?
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Steve Pearce
Similar thing happened right outside my office a little while ago. Very minor corner to corner bump, didn't seem like much damage to either car. Fire brigade turn up and within minutes the roof was cut off one off them.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - BobbyG
Am sure there was a story of his happening to a brand new police car after they put someone in it after an accident the guy said he couldn't move and the roof had to be cut off?
Minor Bump, Major Incident - BobbyG

Although I could have sworn it was a BMW that I had remembered.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - toblerone
I was driving to work last year and was the innocent victim of a tail end charlie teenager. The traffic head braked, he locked up and went straight into the back of my 2 week old car at approx 30mph. He admitted fault at the scene but changed his mind claiming he had been pushed into me etc

In the end it turned into a multi-vehicle pile up. As a result I have neck, back and shoulder problems. I can assure you that whiplash is not a con or a joke. It can cause genuine pain and discomfort. Maybe if someone collides with you and ends up causing you injury your attitude may change?

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - bell boy
my neck is hurting as i read this
i wish that car had never hit me,it was a volvo,ive never ever bought a volvo since
Minor Bump, Major Incident - bathtub tom
Thirty-odd years ago, someone collided with the rear end of my brother's A40 Somerset, I was in the front passenger seat. It appeared to do no more damage than a slightly re-shaped tail pipe.

I had a stiff neck for few weeks.

I've now got restricted neck movement.

I wonder why?
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Lud
All right.

No offence, sorry indeed, to those here who have genuinely suffered whiplash injury from being rear-ended. I take your word for it.

But bad cess to the many others who have claimed such injury just because they could get away with it.

You who have suffered whiplash know it can happen. But has none of you met a person who had made a good thing out of the unjustified claim, with a nudge and a wink?

Perhaps not. They may know a genuine case when they see one and know how to behave.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - ifithelps
...and gives it a nudge...

Taking the OP at face value, it is hard to see how giving the car in front a nudge can cause personal injury.

On t'other and, it is clear from the other posts that injuries can be caused at lower speeds than I previously thought.

Minor Bump, Major Incident - Mr X
I find it interesting that people are not as tough as they used to be since ' No Win - No fee " solicitors got the go ahead to circle above traffic accident victims like vultures.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Rattle
It is why this country is so fused up. I recently turned down a job installing a fairly large network as I realised half my report would be on health and safety and not about the actual system proposed.

If the government want to know why Britian is bu*eered up they can start with health safety. The reason they don't move the cars is the emergency services are so scared of being sued :(.

Minor Bump, Major Incident - retgwte
normally whip lash doesnt display symptoms until the day after the accident

at the time the people are so full of adrenalin they are pumped up and dont feel any pain

neck pain immediately after the accident if genuine is not typical and can be more serious

whip lash is definely a genuine problem as Ive suffered it and its not nice

however the current situation where 15 to 30 % of all uk car insurance premiums end up being paid out in whiplash claims is clearly out of balance

Minor Bump, Major Incident - Cliff Pope
In th bad old days when cars had massive chassis, inadequate brakes, no air bags, crumple zones, headrests, etc, whiplash injuries were presumably commonplace. Anyone remember half the population hobbling around on crutches or wearing neck braces?
Why, as cars have become "safer", are there so many cases of whiplash now?

Do people riding dodgem cars at funfairs get whiplash?

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - b308
I'd have thought that the severity of the injury would depend on if you were expecting it... would probably explain the dodgems scenario... you are definitely expecting it then!

Like back injuries, its also difficult to prove if its genuine or not, and our Gov passing a bill which allows "no win, no fee" claims has only made things worse, I'd agree... Best place to start would be petitioning your MP to get that bill revoked... but then what happens to the genuine claiments, they'd lose out... and you might be one of them in the future!

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - Andrew-T
Whatever the facts were about whiplash in this case, the police have certainly become much keener to simply close roads for maybe hours, while they follow all their clumsily elaborate 'procedures' after an accident, almost however small. I came across one (which I suspect happens quite often) on the Macclesfield-Buxton road beloved by bikers. One had gone off into a hedge, and because an ambulance had to attend near a blind corner they just closed several miles of road, thereby adding miles of detour to many drivers' journeys, on much more hazardous narrow lanes.

The total inconvenience, consequential annoyance and lowering of driving standards probably far outweighed the benefits of following 'procedures'.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - captain chaos
Elf 'n' safety gone mad without a doubt
Watching the traffic news one morning when I was in Las Vegas, it hadn't rained for ages then there was a downpour during the night, which made the roads greasy. There were six accidents during the morning rush hour on the spaghetti bowl and traffic was flowing freely. Drag the junk to the side of the highway and keep 'em moving, instead of bringing everything to a standstill for the best part of a day like we do.
Going into Bridgetown on the main road there were two workmen in the road, three cones and a "men at work" sign. Everything running smoothly and nobody died. When I mentioned to the taxi driver that back home we'd have half a mile of cones and temporary traffic lights for a couple of weeks he thought I'd been smoking "de herb".
Minor Bump, Major Incident - Mr X
Treating every injury motoring accident, no matter how small the injury , as a crime scene is proving a bigger congestion causer than the school run .
Minor Bump, Major Incident - b308
how small the injury as a crime scene

One for the police amongst us, but I didn't think they did that... if they thought there was suspicious circumstances, yes, but what we're talking about above is an "injury" accident, not a "crime" accident, and the reason for road closure is to protect the emergency services who are attending and prevent any further injury to the people involved when getting them out... or am I missing something?

TBH part of me says they are now going OTT, but the other part is saying.. "but if it was me that was injured"....

I suspect that if you could promise the emergency services that they would not be sued for any other injuries caused when getting them out of the car they could do it a lot faster... again we need to blame the real culprits which are, yet again, not the police/ambulance/fire brigade, but that bunch of idiots at Westminster...

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Minor Bump, Major Incident - midlifecrisis
>> how small the injury as a crime scene
One for the police amongst us but I didn't think they did that... if they
thought there was suspicious circumstances yes but what we're talking about above is an "injury"
accident not a "crime" accident and the reason for road closure is to protect the
emergency services who are attending and prevent any further injury to the people involved when
getting them out... or am I missing something?

We don't, but once again a regular poster isn't letting facts get in the way of a usual rant!

Sadly, claiming injury is very common. But once they do they all three emergency services (and the staff at the hospital) have to treat it as 'real'. It's very frustrating for all of us, because of the time wasted, that we could spend on more worthwhile things (like an ANPR operation for example ;) )

But on the alternative side, the elderly in particular can be seriously affected by even a minor shunt.

Minor Bump, Major Incident - uk_in_usa
Watching the traffic news one morning when I was in Las Vegas it hadn't rained
for ages then there was a downpour during the night which made the roads greasy.
There were six accidents during the morning rush hour on the spaghetti bowl and traffic
was flowing freely. Drag the junk to the side of the highway and keep 'em
moving instead of bringing everything to a standstill for the best part of a day
like we do.

Same in Chicago. They have tow trucks out during the morning rush on all the main expressways. Shunts are cleared away very quickly. Very busy freeways in many parts of the USA have signs telling you to in the absence of injuries to get your car to the shoulder quickly following a "fender bender", before calling for help or exchanging details.

Even after a major accident with injuries they'll get some lanes open as quickly as they can and I've never heard of an expressway being closed entirely for more than a couple of hours.

You'd think given the lawyers over here they'd be even more paranoid than the UK about this stuff, but apparently not.
Minor Bump, Major Incident - madux
Thirty-odd years ago someone collided with the rear end of my brother's A40

Forty-odd years ago there were 4 of us in a Mk II Jag which was rear-ended by a Triumph 2000. We were all ok (even with no head-rests in those days) even though the front of the Triumph was a right mess. The Jag had 2 small dents in the over-riders, which we thought was funny at the time, though it later turned out the chassis was bent.........
Minor Bump, Major Incident - bell boy
werent trying to get away from jack reagan were you madux?

ps your nicked my son

edit o=a

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