03 1.3 steam from engine - jarrodmason
on arriving at work this morning my wife has found the engine at the rear to be billowing steam, the engine seams to be running fine, no engine malfunction light either.but have been expieriencing a short loss of power when pulling off when first starting car over the last couple of weeks, acctually, it started after having new lambda sensor fitted, but goes fine after that.
when filling water up yesterday, i noticed some oil coming from the back of the head block, weve also had a small oil leak for some time, maybee from the sump, but oil levels are ok.
we had the lambda sensor replaced last week, new coil , leads, and sparks in jan due to missfire.
im hoping this may only be a hose thats gone, and not the head gasket.
any ideas on possible cause ????
thanks in advance

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03 1.3 steam from engine - Peter.N.
If the temperature gauge is reading normal, I would suggest that you have a water leak which is spraying on the exhaust somewhere.
03 1.3 steam from engine - jarrodmason
just had an update, apparently, the coolant was totally empty, has been refilled, and fan is kicking in, its in the garage now, their on first inspection saying it may be a water pump that has blown ????, lets hope so, i cant afford 500 quid for a head gasket
03 1.3 steam from engine - piston power
The thermostat sits in a plastic housing towards the end/back of the engine maybe a pipe has burst.