07 1.1 as a second car ? - bazza
I have the chance of a Fiat Panda 1.1 , 07 reg, 8000 miles for £3K off a colleague. The idea being this would be our runaround car, some local commuting, shops, local trips with the odd longer run. And most importantly, low insurance for both my teenagers to learn in. It's either this or something a good few years older such as a Yaris, for around £1.5 to £2K - Yaris because of bulletproof reputation and all round good reviews. But it would have probably 60K plus on it.
Any suggestions, what's the Panda like in terms of reliability in the real world? And I have a dim view of Fiat dealers..... perhaps just prejudice. Advice welcome please!

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Fiat Panda? - Manatee
We have a 40 month old 1.2 Dynamic that has been fault free - about 20,000 miles, and usually betters 45mpg on local use.
Fiat Panda? - bell boy
like the car
dont like the dealers
so dont use them
Fiat Panda? - The Melting Snowman
That seems very cheap. Is that all these are worth?
Pandas are good little cars, much better value that the 500 which is effectively the same car with different clothes on.
Fiat Panda? - seasiders rock
It,s a no brainer, fix it again tomorrow is gone.
well screwed together by the polish factory, excellent mpg, parts are cheap, insurance is how much.
example, panda 100 hp, 07 plate, fully comp, £236 with saga.
splendid town car, the city mode for the power steering is a breeze.
easy to park, it,s a box.
they dealers have improved to, saying that any good independant can service a panda.
Fiat Panda? - mattbod
You should not go far wrong. I had a FIAT Uno as a first car and the 999cc FIRE engine took all kinds of juvenile abuse without complaint. The rest of the car was not much cop but FIAT build quality and reliability seem to have improved, especially at the Polish factory. I think the 1.1 is a FIRE unit so it should be very strong.

Does anyone know if it is still a "safe" engine if the belt goes?
Fiat Panda? - bell boy
well it was,but ive never known one of these engines break a belt anyway
personally i think this is one of the finest small petrol engines ever built both for power and economy it used to put fords abysmall engines to shame back in the dark days
Fiat Panda? - Alby Back
Only loosely relevant but my wife bought a mk 1 Panda back in the early '90s. It was bought on the hurry up when her Astra was stolen. It already had 40+ thousand miles on it then and was about six years old. The intention was for it to be a stopgap car until the insurance coughed up. Well, it ended up stopping the gap for another five years and another 50 odd thousand miles until the rust got it.

I'm ashamed to say it got minimal attention, I can't remember having it serviced for example. Never let her down until the driver's door fell off....

I think that had the 1000cc Fire unit.
Fiat Panda? - bell boy
I used to know a painter that spent all week paddling the doors up on a panda then putting it in the weekend paper and always selling it by sat lunchtime
He went mad from the filler dust but he was a nice chappy ;-)
I could never get a decent handbrake on them but they always used to pass even though the pointers on the rolling road went to something like 400 only
Fiat Panda? - mattbod
I agree: FIRE over ropey 1.1 HCS pushrod Ford engine: no contest. I thought that my FIAT Uno 45 FIRE may have hd more than 45 BHP as it flew round to an indicated 100mph with ease. It revved well and felt very flexible. I don't know what the latest 1.1 and 1.2 engines are like?

Anyway an Abarth 500 is on my list to replace the Furby VRS. To SS or not to SS that is the question. HJ suggests not in his video.
Fiat Panda? - bazza
Well thanks folks, this is all very positive and I'm now sorely tempted! The views on here correspond well with the reviews on the net in general. Will keep you all informed! Cheers.
Fiat Panda? - retgwte
check out


that will give you a good idea

main issue is power steering motor (its electric power steering) which gives problems now and again and is quite expensive to fix

most people who buy a 1.1 regret it quickly and wish they had got a 1.2 or diesel as price differences between 1.1 and 1.2 can be small and the cars are dramtically different

1.1 is a problem also cos it has no ciggie lighter and therefore cannot power a satnav or similar which becomes more and more a problem for more people

Fiat Panda? - bell boy
retgwte is this a problem with the new panda then?
reason i ask is i know it was a problem with the mk2 punto as i had one in the family
and i still have a late plate siciento laid up with the same problem (ive bought another to sort it when i get round to it)
but i do know that the later puntos were sorted or so i thought so is this a haunting fiat problem still?

lets hope fiat dont buy vauxhall opel then eh
Fiat Panda? - seasiders rock
no it,s not a problem, we are talking about a handfull of cars.
all fixed under warranty, and the one that was,nt fiat stumped up the readys.
even if your car is well out of warranty you can the get the power steering motor refurbed for less than £200.
Fiat Panda? - teabelly
Have you got a link to where you can get them refurbed and whether they do the punto ones too?
Fiat Panda? - seasiders rock
yes they do the punto...out by £30 on the price.

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Fiat Panda? - seasiders rock
just had a look, exchange power steering pump for the punto is £210.
Fiat Panda? - bell boy
POA for the later punto and also the panda
interesting that they have no core in stock for these
obviously at £210 there cant be much more than a wash and brush up with the old units in my opinion
Fiat Panda? - teabelly
Ta. Will check them out.
Fiat Panda? - mattbod
Just a quick aside but what is the best engine for the Panda: 1.2 or the 1.3 Multijet. I am talking about a drivers perspective rather than an economic one. I did always think that a small Italian car should be a revvy little petrol but the 1,3 gets good press.
Fiat Panda? - ifithelps
The diesel makes the Panda feel more like a grown up car and is the one you want if you'll be doing a lot of motorway work.