99 1.6 SoundProofing - o1975
Hi folks,

I've got a 1999 Toyota Corolla (automatic), very low milelage@50K, nothing really wrong with it except the usual stuff with cars in this class.

Anyway, my daily commute to work is a good 110 miles round-trip and my beef with the car is the non-existent cabin insulation. At motorway speeds, it becomes an ordeal for the senses!

Has anyone used aftermarket sound-proofing products like one from Noise Killers?

What kind of improvement can one generally expect?
50% reduction in road noise etc? More? Less?

Thanks for any input on this!

99 1.6 SoundProofing - bell boy
stick some proper quality car mats on the floor
make sure you have a bit of wilton over the beize mat in the boot
consider some wadding in the rear side quarters if you can get some in
trouble with putting sound proofing under a bonnet is unless its factory they can fall down with the heat and start a fire