93 1.6i MOT failure on rear Suspension - sadie
Hi Guys,

The above car has just failed MOT "Rear Fluid Suspension has no suspension movement"

The MOT technician suggested the spheres needed replacing. Are you in agreement with this or could it be something else?

Looking at my Haynes manual it appears to be a simple job but I am a little confused as it refers tothe hydraulic pressure regulator bleed screw but gives no clue as to where it is, any ideas.

I am aware the system is under extremely high pressure and want to avoid any accidents.

All help gratefully received.

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93 1.6i Rear Suspension 93 1.6i - Collos25
Dependand on the model there are three spheres on the back a regulator sphere and two suspension spheres they can be sods to loosen sometimes but its sounds like you need to replace all three to fetch the suspension back to proper working order.As a matter of interest did you not notice that the rear was a bit hard.
93 1.6i Rear Suspension 93 1.6i - mjm
93 is an early one.
Does it sink at the rear when left overnight? If so there will be two spheres at the rear, one on each suspension arm. The rear spheres can be very tight to unscrew. General advice is to ?start? them with full pressure on the suspension.(height lever in high). When they have started, lower suspension to remove the pressure. The strut mounts can be damaged by applying too much force to the spheres with no pressure in the system
The pressure regulator bleed screw is under the bonnet on the distribution block on the front of the gearbox, behind the radiator. I think it?s 12mm a/f. Haynes do cover it, I think its in the general hydraulic section, not the suspension one.
If you have a local independent Cit specialist, they may fit them free if you buy the spheres from them. With the right tool and knowledge of the job it?s a quick job.

If you do it yourself, before unscrewing the spheres past the start to move position, put a plastic bag over them to avoid an LHM shampoo and shower!

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93 1.6i Rear Suspension 93 1.6i - RichardW
A 93 will only have 2 rear spheres. A 93 1.6 is a rare (and presumably slow!) beast!

Warning: DO NOT get under it and start messing with the spheres unless it is properly supported so that if you lose the suspension pressure if can't squash you. It can and does happen.

Advice above is right - you will need a decent wrench to get them off.