2000 2.9 power loss - chrisfen
Hi everyone I am new to the forum and my car is a 2000W BMW E39 530D touring SE auto. The problem I have is the car performs very well until it reaches just under 4000rpm then it hits a wall and the accelerator does nothing the car continues to gather speed until it reaches full power at just below 4000rpm by full speed I mean at that rpm it will not rev higher I haven't noticed this before as I very rarely drive at those speeds but as it should do much better I would like it to and I am concerned it might be the start of something serious any advice gratefully received thanks Chris
2000 2.9 power loss - Toyota Red
Do you know where the redline is? Diesels don't usually go much past 4k revs, it might just be running out of steam.
Has it performed past this engine speed in the past?
If so, might be a gammy turbo, but others no doubt will know more.

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2000 2.9 power loss - Altea Ego
Being a diesel auto it sounds like its doing exactly what it should do. If it still continues to wind up the speedo at a fair rate of knotts you dont have a problem.
2000 2.9 power loss - DoodyBoy
Firstly, for those with ancient clattery diesels or who still think they are slow and clattery, the 3.0 BMW diesel redlines at 5500. Though, to be fair it doesn't really pay to go that far in higher gears as it has pretty much given its all before you get to 5000. Better to change up around 4500 and let it spit you up the road on great gobfuls of torque.

Over the weekend mine (X plate 78k miles) started doing the same thing and sort of misfiring at high revs too. Then it gradually lost power although I could coax it up to about 85mph in top. Eventually it just stopped! In the outside lane of the M1!

There are lots of possible causes for your problem but mine seems to be one of the fuel pumps - there is no fuel getting to the filter! I have yet to have it diagnosed but when I do I'll post back here.

As I say, your problem sounds similar but could be many other things. If you can hear an odd noise from the nearside front wheelarch, or thereabouts, it might point to a faulty pump. That's what I heard before the thing finally gave up the ghost.