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I am going to Sorrento in May and want to go along the Amalfia Coast/Drive. I went to to check the route from Sorrento to Ravello. When it came up, with turn by turn directions, on the left of the screen, many of the turns called for had a camera symbol beside them, between the route instruction and distance stated. Clicking on this symbol gives a Street View of the turn, as seen by the driver of a car going along the route. Useful for route planning but not while driving!

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Good Use for Google Earth + Streets - FP
You will (I hope) absolutely love this drive. I had a stay on the Amalfi Coast a couple of years back. The only problem, perhaps, if your only contact with it is through driving, is that you need to concentrate so hard there's not a lot of time to enjoy what must be some of the finest views in Europe. So do try to stop and walk about a bit.

You may wish to dig out the lengthy post I made about this and other experiences on that holiday.

When you get to Ravello, do be sure to go into the Villa Rufolo garden to catch the classic view of the coast from a great height - the much over-used image of the pine tree, the two domes of the little chapel and the distant sea is so much better in the flesh. If you're into photography, I suggest you use a u/v filter to cut through the occasional haze.


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Good Use for Google Earth + Streets - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks CP. I have done the drive as a passenger on a not very well organised day trip so this time I shall drive and keep my eyes on the road and my partner can enjoy the views and scenery which will be new to her
Good Use for Google Earth + Streets - Pugugly
Nice clip of the drive on Long Way Down when the boys' trip nearly came to a premature end.