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Hi I'm new to the forum and hoping that somebody can offer some advice.

I've had my 55 reg 307 2.0 HDI for 2 years now. In that time I've had two replacement EGR valves, the last was 4 months ago on the last day of the car's PUG warranty. However, I'm still having problems. At low revs (<3.000) the car is very unresponsive and feels like if it back fired it would clear the problem. I'm sure it's linked to the EGR valve but the dealer is no longer interested and wants to charge me to diagnose the problem.

Is there an additive I can add to the fuel to try to solve the problem or is it easy enough to clean the EGR valve?

Thanks, Rob

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2005 2.0 HDI - unresponsive at low revs - Panda_man

Can you hear the turbo working?

I guess the dealers replaced the EGR valve before because they found trouble codes relating to the EGR system. I don't think HDi's suffer from EGR problems as a rule. It might be worth looking carefully at the vacuum pipe connections and "electrovalves" that control the turbo wastegate and EGR valve. These are located on the bulkhead at the back of the engine (drivers side). Perhaps there is a vacuum leak or split pipe, or maybe it was actually the electrovalve that the dealer replaced rather than the EGR itself.

The EGR valve is very inaccesible on most 2.0 HDi's so not a pleasant task to remove.

Another thing which can cause sluggish response is if there is a lot of slack in the throttle cable. Have a look at the throttle position sensor (its near the battery, you will see the cable move when you press the gas pedal). If there is excessive slack in the cable you could try adjusting it. I think there should be a small amount of slack though.

After looking at the basics yourself I would find a good independent garage.

Good luck
2005 2.0 HDI - unresponsive at low revs - ianjoh
I had the same problem with my HDi and it really was gutless untill the revs hit 3k. A new maf sensor cured it at 90 quid, its an easy diy fit. If you are on a budget try borrowing one from a known car if the part numbers match.
2005 2.0 HDI - unresponsive at low revs - Panda_man
Good point about the MAF. As far as I understand it, the ECU has some default look-up table values that it uses if the MAF is unplugged, so you can unplug it and take the car for a drive. If performance is better with the MAF unplugged, then you can be fairly sure your MAF is faulty. Don't leave it disconnected for long periods though as the ECU reads incoming air temperature from it and this will cause other problems, but I think its OK for a short time to do this.

The MAF can sometimes be cleaned with solvents but it is very delicate . Only sure way of testing is by replacing with a known good one.