Help!! - Jenn
Im looking to buy a Mini from a garage in Manchester.
When getting a quote for insurance on the car it says that the regersation isnt vaild.
I went on DVLA and looked up the reg on there and they dont have it in there data base???
What does this mean??
That the car has new reg plates on??
Iv not been to see the car, i enquired about it after seeing it on Auto Trader!!
Help!! - Dwight Van Driver
If it is a brand spanking new vehicle and has never been on the road it could be that the Garage have not registered it with DVLA and awaiting a buyer so that he can be the first owner and not the Garage.

I understand that certain Garages can carry a number of Number Plartes to use on new vehicles as above. DVLA SHOULD have a record of these at their HQ but doubtful these would be be put on the database open to public.


Could be a knocked off vehicle? Be wary.


Help!! - Jenn
Its an 02 plate so it must have be registered with DVLA??
No one could get away with not being registered for that long, could they?

The garage has a good rating and has been open a good few years!!

Should i stay away from the car then??
Help!! - Dwight Van Driver
There may be a simple explanation and dialogue with the Garage required.

Examination of the vehicle and V5 essential and check of VIN within against that on vehicle. If they cannot produce docs walk away.

7 year old vehicle ? Is it a reputable dealer or some back street johnny?. Walk away if the later.

Help!! - Jenn
Its a Nissan dealership!

So i would have thought they would have been great!

Maybe ill just keep looking!

Finding it hard to find a Black mini though within my price range that will part exchange.
Help!! - SteVee
where are you getting the number plate data from ?
if you are copying it from a photo from an on-line advert, it's likely that the photograph has been altered to show a different plate - to stop the registration being cloned.

phone up the garage and ask them directly. Alternatively find a similar Mini and use that registration for your insurance quote.
Help!! - stunorthants26
My first thought would be has it had a cherished reg on it thats been taken off recently.
Help!! - madf
It cannot be re-registered with a different plate until taxed and insured... . Bet there is no tax.. and the dealer will re-register it when sold..
Help!! - rtj70
Done a search for Mini's in Black in a 30 mile radius of my postcode (close to Manchester). Found 62. Maybe it's this car you should forget and sell the other car instead of part-ex?

Nationally it seems there are 562 black ones. But the age range may differ.

Is the R50 some sort of special edition?

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Help!! - Citroënian {P}
R50 is the BMW model number referring to the original mini - if you look at the CbyC you can see the current model is R57.

I wonder if it's just a case of the wrong plates being made up? We had a car that ran on the plate for six months, one letter had been done on the number plate wrong. Was only when we looked to renew the road tax we realised there'd been a mistake.

Reputable dealer that was from, just a numpty making up the plates. Luckily the car with the correct reg was properly taxed and insured else we could have ended up getting pulled quite easily.

The garage were a _little_ embarassed and just swapped the plates when we pointed out the anomaly on the V5
Help!! - Dwight Van Driver
>>>>Its a Nissan dealership! <<<<<

Nissan Maindealer ? wasn't he the dodgy chappie that was a terrorist then became President of South Africa.?

Iffy to say the least.