Costco Tyres - grumpyscot
Went to Costco yesterday to see if I could get a couple of new front tyres for SWMBOs CRV. Yes, they can supply Michelins, but said they would only sell me a set of four, as I had mentioned I had Bridgestones on all four wheels at the moment. (They had the Michelins in stock so it wouldn't have been a special order).

Couldn't understand the logic.
Costco Tyres - Armitage Shanks {p}
I know they always have keen prices on Michelins. I would have thought they wold have sold you two, perhaps with a less good disount? Strange way to run a business, do they want customers or not?
Costco Tyres - Roger Jones
I think Costco deal only in Michelin. Their special discount offers always specify a maximum of eight tyres per customer, but I've never seen a minimum quantity, discount or no discount. Their products are of higher quality than their staff, so it may be worth querying with a manager.
Costco Tyres - Lygonos
4WD they will only sell 4 if some of the other tyres are significantly worn. Most 4x4 makers suggest not having different rolling radii on different wheels due to the (porbably theoretical) risk of accelerated diff wear.

Costco also follow the tyre manufacturers' advice of only putting new pairs of tyres on the rear axle. They will rotate the rears to the front as a matter of course.

£300 for the set of latitudes utterly transformed the handling of the wife's CRV (was on BF Goodrich). Stiffer sidewalls make it more car-like and less roly-poly.
Costco Tyres - turbo11
Must be due to 4WD, as I have previously purchased tyres from costco in pairs and fours.
Costco Tyres - Pizza man
Cav and calibra 4WD would destroy there diffs in a matter of miles if you didn't replace all 4 tyres at once.
Costco Tyres - AlastairW
A CRV would typically be in 2wd 90% of the time so I cant see the problem with replacing only 2 tyres.