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2001 1.6 what is causing the battery drain - greenvermin
I've an annoying problem with my Focus, and I'd be amazed if it hasn't occurred many times before.

Whenever I leave the car for more than about 2 weeks, the battery drains to such an extent that I have to jump start it.
The battery is only about 4 months old, and I've had this tested and it's fine.

I've carried out a current drain test, and with the ignition off and all doors closed, there is approx 250 milliamps being drawn.
This drops off to zero when fuse No 36 (Electronic modules and instrument cluster) is removed.
I don't know how much power the alarm/imobiliser should take, but 250ma seems a bit high to me.

The car is a 2001 Zetec, 1.6 petrol.

Has anyone else ever had this snag, and if so, any advice as to what to do next would be very gratefully received.

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2001 1.6 Ford focus battery drain - elekie&a/c doctor
A drain of 250mA is much too high.Should be around 50 mA or less.What reading do you get after 30 mins settle time?The only time I have seen excess drain is when the radio unit was faulty.Have you checked boot light?hth
2001 1.6 Ford focus battery drain - greenvermin
I'm planning on doing the drain test again tomorrow. I will leave it going for 30-40 minutes, as I've only just read of this "settle" time.

The boot and glovebox lights are fine, as is the radio. (I've pulled the fuse for this, and the reading is the same)

The drain is definately caused by the "electronic modules & instrument cluster" fuse.

2001 1.6 Ford focus battery drain - Woodspeed
I had a problem with leaving the alarm set - ultrasonic sensors using a lot of power. Related?
2001 1.6 Ford focus battery drain - greenvermin
The car doesn't have any ultrasonic sensors, so that won't be the problem.

I've carried out another drain test, and after leaving it for 45 minutes, there ws still about 240 milliamps being taken from the battery.

I think it might have to be a trip to the local Ford delership for them to have a look at it, as it's probably one of the modules causing the problem. (does anyone know how many electronic modules there are on a Focus?, and which one may be the cause of the snag)
2001 1.6 Ford focus battery drain - elekie&a/c doctor
There is only 1 module on these (apart from the engine control unit)and that is the "Gems module".It is located above the accelerator pedal ,behind the dash pad.It controls central locking and most timed functions;wiper delay,hrw etc.Not seen one causing a battery drain..yet.I would pull the radio out and disconnect it rather than remove the fuse.hth

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