MK6 Golf deals??? - PaddleShiftDrift
I drove a MK6 1.4TSI (122) SE and a 2.0 TDI (140) DSG last week. Very impressed. For me its a step change on the MK 5.
Last drove a new MK5 Golf 18 months ago (GTI) and the door casing came away in my hand! Walked away and bought a Civic.

The MK6 is sufficiently better in my view that I would buy one tomorrow.
1.4TSI 122 is a turbo only not supercharged/turbo so simpler.
Thought it was a great unit better than VTEC honda's i'm used to.
DSG was superb.

On the 1.4TSI SE DSG I got my dealer to 'theoretically' match a 2k discount from drive-the-deal and found an 8.2% APR PCP deal through
VW were offering a PCP at 13% APR initially (crazy!!!) then managed to get them down to 10.2% after 10 minutes haggling (still crazy with a 1% base rate!!). Advice: haggle like mad and keep it real against best internet offers + bring evidence.

Only thing stopping me now is the chance that No 10 will announce a 2k scrapping charge discount for >9 yr old cars (like the german scheme) and I don't want to miss out as I have an 11-yr old Audi I can sell.

Will hang on for 6 months......

Any other experiences out there on new Golfs???
MK6 Golf deals??? - oldgit
I ordered my new MK6 Golf 2 weeks ago and maybe because I also specified a sunroof on my SE model, I have got to wait nearly 16 weeks for it! Oh, well 14 weeks to go, and counting.