94 1.6 Problem disengaging 3rd & 4th gear - JStone
Re: my '94 Primera 1.6LX I am experiencing difficulties disengaging third and fourth gear. Selecting a gear from neutral and changing up isn't a problem. Nor is changing down from, say, fifth to second gear (not that I make a habit of this!), whereas changing down from fourth to third is impossible. Just selecting neutral from third and fourth requires brute force.

My clutch has been noisy for a while now (engaging the clutch produces a 'zinging' noise) but until now this has never presented any problems. Given that only third and fourth gears are affected I'm assuming that this is a gearbox rather than clutch issue?

Can anybody help with this?

Many thanks

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1994 1.6 Problem disengaging 3rd & 4th gear - Peter.N.
If the clutch is not disengaging completely it can cause difficulty getting in and out of gear although I would have thought it would have affected all gears. When you engage reverse, does it go in easily or crunch? If it crunches the problem will likely be the clutch, if it engages and disengages smoothly, I would suspect that you have a gearbox problem.