broken spring - crazycanuck
How long could I drive my car with a broken spring before causing serious damage?
broken spring - martint123
Depends on many things. Me I'd fix it the same day, or keep the car off the road.

I had a front spring break and I could have driven 1000's of miles as only half a turn broke off.

When a rear one broke, the remains dropped off the spring perch and was rubbing on the driveshaft.

A broken spring is an MOT failure, so I guess you car could be classed as unroadworthy if you have a meeting with plod or a VOSA checkpoint.
broken spring - Rattle
If the spring suddenly decompressed it could burst your tyre or shatter your brake pipes I wouldn't risk driving it at all with a broklen spring its dangerious.
broken spring - doctorchris
You don't tell us a lot about the car or which spring is broken.
I would not want to drive a car with a broken spring for any distance. The handling of the car would be seriously compromised and make the car dangerous.
Get it fixed even if you have to catch the bus for a few weeks.
broken spring - crazycanuck
Thanks. It's a Cavalier. Front driver side. I'd better make an appointment for it today I guess. Any idea how much it will cost?
broken spring - doctorchris
Do you really mean a Chevrolet Cavalier?
Are you in the USA?
Don't have much of an idea about cost of fixing American motors, I'm afraid.
broken spring - crazycanuck
I'm in Canada
broken spring - doctorchris
I extend a warm welcome to my colonial brother/sister.
I reckon that it will not cost you a lot to fix a spring on a USA built Chevy Cavalier.
Of course, it would cost us a lot more as the Pound is now worth peanuts for us monkeys over here.
Good luck, let us know how you get on.
broken spring - crazycanuck
Ha. Thanks man. Hopefully the pound will rise with our loonie. My car is canadian made. I try to distance myself with the Americans as much as possible for obvious reasons.
broken spring - redviper
in all respects its dangerous to you, and other people - it shouls be fixed ASAP, and until then off the road.
broken spring - henry k
I had a drivers side broken front spring on a 98 Mondeo replaced last week.
The broken end of the spring was digging in the tyre. Fortunately snapped while the car was on the drive over night.
Cost was about £90 total( split about 50 /50 parts and labour from my trusted independant (if this translates to your vehicle.)
broken spring - Waino
I had a drivers side broken front spring on a 98 Mondeo replaced last week.>>

I can do better than that, Henry, ;-)

Last June when I took the ol' '97 Mondy in for its MoT, both front springs were broken! They had both both broken in the same place i.e. near the bottom and I had driven goodness knows how many miles in that state. It's surprising that the front end hadn't collapsed completely as I drive over loads of farm tracks and rough East Anglian lanes.
broken spring - henry k
My spring was broken about half a coil from the bottom end but the broken end of the spring remainder popped out and was touching the tyre.
It caused a vibration like the ABS as it bounced over the tread.
I am still pondering about getting the other spring replaced.
broken spring - stan10
Without going into a long "personal experience" story, (fortunately without consequence) redviper 's comment is all you need to know.