Toyota iQ or Aygo - mattbod
I have read how safe and well packaged this little car is but I don't understand why anyone would choose one over an Aygo/ C1 etc. It is much more expensive and doesn't have that nice utilitarian image like the Aygo based trio or the FIAT Panda. Also despite having the same engine, the performance figures are well down on an Aygo which is (from my recollection) capable of around a ton and 0-60 in about 12.5 secs. The iQ figures for the manual are about 15 secs and 93 mph. Is it a heavier car? What would you choose?

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Toyota iQ or Aygo - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
See the road test in last weeks Autocar. They got ~35mpg overall from a Qi and were unable to better 50mpg in the two examples they tried. Thet reckoned the gearing was odd in the intermediates. A colleague has a Peugeot 107 (identical to Aygo) and can get 60mpg on his commute.
Something strange going on with mpg.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - stunorthants26
I dont understand why anyone would buy a Mini - its a supermini sized car for Mondeo money - but people do. I know someone with a Cooper diesel that cost the thick end of £17k - so really buying a £12k iQ isnt so mad - atleast you wont look like an estate agent!

Autocar arent known for getting good economy returns. You need to see what real people get from their cars in normal driving once their cars have loosened up. It will be a while before those figures filter through.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - ifithelps
...Autocar arent known for getting good economy returns....

Neither are Toyota, it seems to me.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - ifithelps
My lumpy old Focus Tdci will do 50+ mpg on a run, so I don't think our leader is taking a great risk with that wager.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - stunorthants26
One thing that ive found true of small petrols that are supposedly economical, is that more so than with a diesel, you have to drive them in an economical manner due to the lack of torque.

Many people I know had trouble with Smart ForTwos but I managed to get 50-55 mpg with relative ease in mixed driving, Im getting 54-59 mpg out of my Charade mainly around town and my '98 Daewoo Matiz, possible the least torquey car ive ever owned could be made to do 53 mpg fairly easily.

Its not what you do, its how you do it - women tell men that all the time apparently!
Toyota iQ or Aygo - Avant
Exactly my thoughts, Mattbod, on reading the various road tests of the iQ. The Aygo / Ci / 107 are a lot cheaper too, and seat four people in tolerable comfort. If 'style' is what's wanted, then go for a Fiat 500 - or a Mini. I see your point about Minis, Stu: they look expensive but when SWMBO swapped her first for her second after 21 months (it was on a 2-year PCP) it was worth 80 % of its cost new.

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Toyota iQ or Aygo - stunorthants26
I see your point about depreciation, but I think id rather have the 500 and save £6k - I suspect the depreciation on the Fiat wont be too bad as it is very desireable ( and not yet the cliche the Mini has become ), so for purchase as opposed to lease, it will most likely be a more sensible choice.

I have to say though, as a lover of clever small cars, I think its great to see interesting small cars as I get a little bored with utility style small cars all the time - they both have their place.

Its crazy to suggest that the iQ is expensive really though when people support paying extra for a Merc or Audi over a Ford or Vauxhall. Its the same principle, but in small car circles, its not so much the badge but the style and uniqueness that people seek.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - daveyjp
I'd like to have seen how Autocar were driving the IQ - our Aygo never does less than about 45mpg and thats predominantly on very short trips in urban traffic - 60+ is quite easy on a long A road run.

IQ is a niche market car - it is much better finished than an Aygo and has an interior of larger Toyotas. I see it as a smart with a larger boot as the rear seats aren't very useable.

Top speed of Aygo is about 95mph. IQ is slower 0-60 as the engine is detuned to reduce CO2 figures.
Toyota iQ or Aygo - harib
I expect for those people who want to show themselves off as being "green", but still have a bit of money behind them, the IQ would be the perfect car, as it screams "look how green I am", but also screams "I'm richer than you, because you've got an Aygo and I've got an IQ!"

Since 4x4s are unfashionable at the moment, I wonder if cars like the Mito/500/IQ will be the new type of car which those in suburbia who have to keep up with the Joneses will splash out on.