02 LX HDI estate value and question - Niallster
My uncle is looking at buying a:

Peugeot 307 90 estate LX2 OHDI on an 02 plate with 38k on the clock.

Its being offered by a Peugeot mian dealer at £4,000.


Value for money?

Plus the coil springs have been replaced. Normally this would cause concern on a car of thsi age buy the dealer is saying this was a compulsory Peugoet recall. Is this true?

Other comments appreciated.

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Peugeot 307 estate vale and question - oldnotbold
A seven year old car for £4k - bonkers!
Peugeot 307 estate vale and question - ifithelps
Nice, low (almost too low) mileage medium-sized estate with diesel economy.

Desirable car, and the dealer knows it.

I guess it would trade at £2.5k, maybe a bit more, and a main dealer will want £1k gross profit, which brings us to near the asking price.

Should be room for some discount, I'd have thought.

There's no substitute for a happy motorist - see NeilS's post in the Fiat 500 thread and Alanovich with his bargain Mazda 6.

So if your uncle likes the car, tell him to get it bought.

Say to the dealer: "If you will supply the car taxed, MoT'd, serviced, and ready to go, for £3,500, I will pay a deposit now."

Should do the trick, I'll wager.
Peugeot 307 estate vale and question - geoff1248
If you go to this site www.vosa.gov.uk you will be able to see exactly what recalls there have been to this model. Although this may have been an unofficial Pug recall. It may be interesting to ask the dealer to prove if all the other recall items on the list have been dealt with...

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