04 1.8 Alarm may have killed car - Ian71
I parked the car at work this morning and about half an hour later the alarm went off - for the first time ever! I then had to deactivate it a number of times and through various combination of pressing the interior sensing button and deadlocking/not deadlocking I managed to silence it.

It all started agian a little while later and again after many attempts I managed to shut it up. It then started again, but got the car horn as well as the siren this time. I ignored it and after 5 or so goes (little gaps between each one) it eventually gave up. However, by this point the central locking started acting funny - it took two presses of the button to unlock the doors - instead of the usual 1 press drivers door, 2 presses whole car. When locking the locks would go down and then immediatly pop up. A further press they would go down and then deadlock.

Anyway, I had the car in the garage last Friday to have the windscreen washer pump replaced because it had broken. I asked if they could have done anything to upset the car and they said than they did not disconnect the battery, but they did adjust the 4 rubber stoppers across the front of the car that the bonet rests on becasue they had trouble opening the bonet. I sometimes had the problem, but a bit of jiggling and it was fine. However, when I picked the car up from them on Friday the trip computer had reset - not sure if they could have done it. It is worth noting that the car did not go anywhere all weekend and the alarm did not go off.

Anyway, got back from a meeting tonight and the car was dead - well enough power to unlock and switch on lights but not enough to start the car.

So, a few questions:
could have adjusting the rubber stoppers at the front of the car casued the alarm to activate?
Will my central locking ever return to normal?
Is anything involved with changing a winscreen washer pump create these problems?
Am I faced with having to take the car to my local Vauxhall dealer to get this fixed? (don't like the £80 charge for simply looking at something)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

04 1.8 Alarm may have killed car - Dynamic Dave
could have adjusting the rubber stoppers at the front of the car casued the alarm
to activate?

Maybe, if the bonnet is no longer closing properly and not making contact with the pin switch under the bonnet.

Also if the trip computer has been reset, this would suggest that they did actually disconnect the battery.

Total guess, but if the car battery is partially flat, caused by the alarm draining it, this *might* be causing the central locking problems.
04 1.8 Alarm may have killed car - SpamCan61 {P}
Is the radio OK? Presumably if they'd disconnected the battery it would now be in safe mode, or at the very least lost all of the station presets ( unless they're non volatile on this modern stuff)
04 1.8 Alarm may have killed car - Dynamic Dave
The presets would still be there. There is a possibility that the garage had the stereo code, so the customer would be none the wiser. With the newer Vectras that have full canbus networks, the stereo doesn't require the code putting in if the power has been interupted.

Easiest way to tell the difference between full and half canbus:

Full canbus = 4 buttons on steering wheel, and 2 scroll wheels.
Half canbus = 6 buttons on steering wheel.

Can't remember when Vectra's went over to full canbus, but I'm 99% sure an 04 reg would be half canbus.
04 1.8 Alarm may have killed car - Ian71
Thank you for the responses.

The radio was fine, and it looks like mine is the half canbus version based on DD's description. I am just about to ring the people that fixed the washer pump and get them to fix it - hopefully!

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