96 1.9TD - Cold starting problem - chindu
I've got a bit of a problem with my 306 1.9TD. It really struggles to start from cold - maybe 30 secs plus to get going. I thought it might just be a case of heater plugs as I got the usual hard to start then sounds like it's missing on some cylinders until it warms a bit.
Plugs changed and doesn't do that now. First start from cold it takes ages turning over but does eventually splutter into life kicking out lots of white smoke. If I leave it for a bit then start it again no smoke - and starts fine.
"Pig-tails" don't take longer than ordinary to go out.
Battery voltage from cold this morning (09:00) was 12.7v. I got it going then drove it for about 40-50 mins (had to drop the maid to work) and left it running whilst I checked the voltage on the battery. Was fluctuating between 14.5v and 14.7v so I guess the alternator is ok.
I then turned the engine off and re-checked the voltage 13.2v.
I left it for about 30-60 mins and started it again - started fine - turned engine off then re-checked voltage and still at 13.2v so I guess the battery looks fine on the surface of it - just a bit of a drop as it gets cold overnight.

I was hoping someone could help me with where I can go from here as I'm not sure what I should look at next...


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96 1.9 Cold starting problem - thomp1983
you have an air leak in your fuel system, this is very common on your car. the usual sources are the leak of pipes between the injectors or the fuel filter seal, or the primer bulb aswell. simple test is before you first start the car pump the hand primer under the bonnet until it is hard and it should start pretty much first time. this problem can be hard to trace as leaks in the pipes suck fuel in as opposed to leaking diesel out so there are no visible signs. for less than £10 you can get enough fuel line to replace the lines from the primer bulb to the injection pump including the injector leak of hoses, any local motor factor will stock it.

if the problem persists after this then it's likely the primer bulb which again is inexpensive to replace but id wager on it being the injector leak off pipes but replace all the rubber fuel line.

96 1.9 Cold starting problem - Peter.N.
I also would go with an air leak.
96 1.9 Cold starting problem - chindu
Hi Chris,

Well - tried it this morning - primed it by hand after scraping the ice jacket off of it and it started first time! thanks very much. Will get replacement tubing and hopefully that'll be that.
Thanks again.