94 1.6Gli Central Locking/Alarm doesn't disengage - Surrey_Scientist
I have a slight problem with the central locking/alarm on my Corolla 1994 1.6Gli.

It has an optional toyta alarm system, specified as an extra when the car was new by the original owner.

When the weather is cold, usually below 5C when I unlock the car from the drivers door (only this door operates the central locking//alarm), the central locking often will not unlock the other doors, and the alarm goes off when I open the drivers door.

Sometimes the central locking opens, but the alarm doesn't switch off......

Central locking works fine from inside the car - using the dashboard locking switch, so doesn't appear to be a fault in the solenoids operating the locks.

I have tried the usual WD-40 into the drivers lock which sometimes sorts it out, but the problem regularly returns after a day or two, and often it doesn't cure it.

unusually it NEVER does it when the temp is above about 5C - so only on coldest days of winter, never in summer. It doesn't seem to be affected by rain.... just exterior temp.

I am not v. popular with neighbours etc. with young babies with the alarm going off if I open the car at night, and there is no way of locking the car without switching the alarm on as well that i can see.

Clearly the central locking and alrm are linked, but where do I start sorting this prob out.

Is it a new lock barrel, or is there something else in the drivers door to do withthe centrallocking I should be stripping out and lubricating/cleaning ?

Haynes manual does not give any info on the alarm (it is a re-write of US model manual, so some stuff isnot covered)