04 1.8 Winscreen washer not working - Ian71
The windscreen washers on my Vectra have stopped working. The tailgate washer still works fine, but when I turn on the front washer I hear the pump going but nothing comes out.

I suspect a blockage somewhere, but I have no idea how to go about finding it or removing it if blocked. I feel a need to pop it to the garage, but is there anything I could do before taking it in?

Any help would be appreciated - thank you in advance!
04 1.8 Winscreen washer not working - topbloke
i think that you will find that the pump is kn******d as a short term fix you could swap the pipes on the pump only drawback is to remember to move the stalk in the opposite direction to normal
04 1.8 Winscreen washer not working - Dynamic Dave
I thought these pumps worked by reversing the electrical polarity when the rear screen needed squirting? As the rear squirt still works, and the pump can be heard working when the front squirt is operated, that would suggest the pump is still operational. I'm wondering if its the all too common problem of the filter in the pump for the front screen being blocked up. Easiest thing to do is to partially undo the inner wheel arch liner in the front passenger wheel arch to access the washer bottle, and then remove the pump and try cleaning the filter.

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04 1.8 Winscreen washer not working - topbloke
correct the pumpworks one way for front screen otherway (revese) for rear but its the same filter (filters the water before it gets to pump) so its unlikely to be the filter mondeo's suffered the same problem pump only working one way
04 1.8 Winscreen washer not working - Dynamic Dave
its the same filter

I stand corrected. As the motor can still be heard though, is there something inside the pump that's failed?

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