2005 2.2 Fuel Problems - Rog C
My 2.2 Diesel Accord has been a right pain, having suffered from Engine management problems for the last year, especially when cold. Earlier this month I had the fuel filter replaced, and everything seemed OK again, however a couple of days ago, the same problem occured, engine management light on and no power to speak of. Took it back to the garage, same problem low fuel pressure, so they looked in the fuel tank, apparantly it was full of black sludge, by full I think they meant there was a considerable amount at the bottom, that was being drawn into the fuel filter. To cut a long story short £450 later there removing the fuel tank, cleaning new filters, so hopefully this will be ok when i get it back. Has anyone else suffered from this, I fill up at Tesco but would be surprised if this was only contaminated fuel.
2005 2.2 Fuel Problems - oilrag
Have you owned it from new Rog? It sounds like its had either `bio-diesel` or cooking oil in it.

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2005 2.2 Fuel Problems - Rog C
Have you owned it from new Rog? It sounds like its had either `bio-diesel` or
cooking oil in it.
It was an ex demo, I have owned it since it was about 9 months old, I have never used Bio or Cooking oil, so it's unlikely that it is either of them.

I know that you can get bacterial growth in lubricating oil not sure about diesel, but that requires a water interface to breed.
It would be good to identify what it was though, I dont fancy spending that money again.
2005 2.2 Fuel Problems - Jon P
That gunge can definitely grow in diesel fuel. Had this in my truck tanks - apparently it had been standing for a fair period of time before it was sold. Presumably, condensation could provide a breeding site.

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