04 1.216v - exhaust gas monitor warning - Rattle
My friends clio despertanly needs a service inc a new cambelt and the following light is now coming on:-

exhaust gas monitor warning light.

I keep telling her a service won't fix this but she is insisting that it will. What could this fault be? If it was an older Ford I would instantly start looking at the EVAP valve, lamdba sensor or cat but I don't know anything about modern Renaults.

Is there any onscreen diagnostics I can access to try and get a specific fault code? The car seems to be running ok so I am suspecting something simple like a Lamdba sensor but we all know a dealer would charge silly money for this.

£50 plus VAT for the diagnostics, £200 for the Lamdba, £80 for the labour when I can do the diagnostics and possibly fit a new sensor myself.

The engine has done 55k, sounds brand new, no obvious signs of smoke. No water loss or any signs of HG failure, so this is a little odd.


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