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i-MiEV i would you lease this car? - theterranaut

I quite fancy the idea- 100 miles range, decent speed and acceleration, enough seats for most of my journeys, hopefully reliable. Reminds me strongly of my old Smart. And the leasing thing sounds like what GM did with the EV1 in the US. (Lets hope it doesnt go the same way)

.....but not at £700 per month.


btw- mods, sorry for the Hindustan Ambassador. Couldn't post without choosing a car.

Edit: Fixed to remove the car. In discussion you either need to have a make/model or Category. As it's an electric car I selected Green Motoring for you. Rob

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Would you lease this electric car? - Woodspeed
How much?????
For the same price a small sensible car and a lot of fuel.

Or, something nice and flashy and fast, and a lot of fuel!
Would you lease this electric car? - L'escargot
Conversation in a pub ..........

"What car have you got."

"It's a Mitsibushi iE-VMi, er .......... MEi-Vi, er ......... V-iiMV, er .........."

I can't see the model name catching on.
Would you lease this electric car? - welshlad
is there some international agreement amongst car manufacturers that they will never produce a half decent looking electric car? as for pronouncing the model name you would never need to as no normal person would ever admit to owning one

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Would you lease this electric car? - madux
What about that electric Elise they make in the US - Tesla?
electromobile - 1400ted
Just been reading a report on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV in the Manchester Evening News.
Sounds like the ideal car for Erin Dors. 80-90 miles on a full charge, 87mph top speed and they reckon £45 to do 10,000 miles. Be ideal to replace our C3 Sensodrive as we never use it out of town and , really, it never does more than 30 miles a day, and then only occasionally. It's a 660cc 'i-car' with it's mechanics ripped out and electrics put in. Trouble is, it's £20,000 and she wants a new kitchen first.

Ted, joined it up with the existing thread

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