04 1.9dci "Air compressor sensor faulty",poor MPG - Mr M
My 2004 1.9dci has been returning poor mpg for a few weeks. Couldn't find problem so took it to local Renault dealer. They say its a faulty "Air compressor sensor". They say that I need to replace this sensor and have air con re gassed in the process. Cost of £320.

Is there any fuse I could take out to stop this happening and just live without the air con? If so where is it at?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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04 1.9dci "Air compressor sensor faulty",poor MPG - stevessub
did you fix your problem with your megane, i have the same problem, only getting 30mpg on my dci, i took it to renault they said its a faulty egr valve, but i have replaced it and still have the same problem.